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Foods That Are Going To Lift Your Mood Instant

As a human being, we go through different emotions at different times. Even though we may not be wanting to be in that mood, we just cannot help. When we are not in the right frame of mind, there is a natural tendency to eat more food if we find them around. Anxiety and depression are very common these days and you should know how to fight such scenarios with the right food that can lift your mood.

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Popcorn Over Potato Chips

There is no doubt that everyone loves to eat potato chips anytime. But they are not really a healthy choice. In fact, there are quite bad and saturated with oil and fatty acids. These fatty acids can impart a low mood if you are on the verge of feeling low. Instead, go for popcorns as they can boost your serotonin level and get you in a relaxed mood instantly.

Green Tea Over Soft Drinks

Along with potato chips, soft drinks are very common and there is no time to have them. Sure, these drinks can boost your mood instantly but at the same time, the good mood can go away sharply and it can lead to a mood swing in no time. Instead, try green tea which has theanine to fight anxiety.

Black Pepper Powder Over Salt

Salt can increase our blood pressure and a mood swing is inevitable. Black pepper powder often used for seasoning helps to fight depression with the piperine present in it.

Cherries Over Salted Nuts

Many prefer to have a lot of salted nuts when they are anxious or depressed. They have a high level of sodium and it can cause a headache and mood swings conveniently. Instead, go for cherries which has melatonin that induces good sleep and relaxation. It is also a good painkiller for your emotional pain.

Honey Over Sugar

There are so many foods we cook that contain a high level of sugar. Avoiding sugar is always recommended even though it can put you in a good mood but it is very short lived. Honey, on the other hand, contains kaempferol that prevents depression and anxiety. We know how beneficial honey is for the health.

Salmon over Processed Meat

We eat so many fast foods in our daily life that contain processed meat. But those meat are generally not from healthy animals and they contain preservatives, nitrates, and dyes. Instead, Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin D which help internally to be in a good mood and be cheerful.


As a rule, you should never eat anything unhealthy when you are feeling anxious and depressed. Try to cook organic food as cooking will distract your mind and organic food will help you to get over your bad mood easily. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and your interior cool. Have ice and dark chocolate for an instant booster.

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