10 Foods that are Advertised as the Healthiest but Aren’t At All


Nowadays we see a lot of television ads that show numerous food products, those that ar ready-to-cook, out of the box. They are shown to have a lot of proteins, essential carbs, multivitamins, gluten-free and what not. But the fact of the matter is that food rich with all these contents never needs advertising. And to drive that very point home we have made this article where we highlight the foodstuffs that are shown to have a lot of essential ingredients in them, that boost our health, but in actuality are doing more harm than good. Check out these harm bringers and what exactly is the fault with them, to lead a better, healthier life.





1. Frozen Foods



Who doesn't love this one? All you have to do is take them out the packet and fry/bake them for 15-20 minutes and the food is served on the table. But in reality, they have a lot of excess sodium, fake taste, a lot of assorted little ingredients that aren't very healthy.



2. Boxed Fruit juice



When we have boxes of fruit juices we think we are having the healthiest of food. But actually, it contains very less of the fruit fibers and excessive amounts of sugars and sweeteners.



3. "Baked" Potato Chips



We have all seen the ad that makes sure to let us know that the chips have been baked and not fried. That is the main selling point, but what they don't tell us is that an inordinate amount of sodium is added and has a higher number of calories in it than regular chips.



4. Margarine



This substitute for butter, something that is advertised as being healthier than butter is really worse than butter. It is mainly saturated fats and hence contains toxic trans-fats that are obviously unhealthy for the consumer.



5. Gluten-free food



We can consider the big umbrella of gluten-free, organic, natural, carb-free foods under this category. These are just empty words that are real in a meager sense. What really is put into the food is less healthy ingredients such as sugars, fats, salts or other aromas.



6. Soy products



This might come as a surprise, but soy products have are high in phytic acid. Minerals such as calcium, zinc magnesium and iron are blocked from being absorbed by this phytic acid.



7. Granola



Granola is one of most famous food mixtures, used as breakfasts and snacks. Eating granola does some harm to you as it contains a lot of added sugars and oils. It has more than 600 calories, that is 1/3 of a woman's daily allowance!



8. Non-Iodized salt (sea salt)



This one might seem a tad uncommon but has to be put out there. Non-iodized or salt from the sea is a very unhealthy additive and should be avoided at all costs. One runs the risk of hyperthyroidism and even Jod-Basedow Syndrome which is a worse form of hyperthyroidism.



9. Yogurt



Yogurt in its plain form is generally healthy, but any supermarket collection of packed yogurt will have a high ratio of sugars in it, which should be avoided at all costs. 



10. Anything advertised 



This probably goes without saying but a food product need not be advertised with one selling point to it. If that is being done then you can be sure that it lacks in some other nutritive value and the seller is only trying to gain a huge profit margin from this act.



That brings us to the end of the unhealthy foods advertised to be very healthy. If you have anything to be expressed feel free to do so in the comments section, or just show your reactions using the emoticons below!



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