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Usual Foods That Are Messing With Our Quality Sleep!

There is no doubt that sleep is the best time in an entire day. But if your sleep is messed up, your entire body gets messed up. There could be various reasons for which you are not getting the quality sleep your body needs. It could be stress, medical disorders, and likewise. But sometimes, it is the food you are having, that can create the impact on your sleep quality and time Check out these food items and stay away from them at night.

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Water –

Water is required by our body to keep ourselves hydrated. But if you drink too much of water before bed, you have to go to the bathroom n the middle the night and your sleep quality and time will suffer significantly. Therefore, take water at least 90 minutes before going to bed so that you can visit the bathroom before sleeping.

Green Tea –

Green tea contains certain stimulants that can cause faster heart rate and nervousness with anxiety. If you are suffering from sleeping problems, drinking green tea at night is a bad idea.

Dark Chocolate –

We all know that dark chocolates are good for health and they stimulate the brain and boost the metabolism. However, the exact opposite is what you want to have a good nap. In fact, the darker the chocolate is, the more caffeine it contains and the more sleep deprived you will be.

Ice Cream –

Ice cream is used as a dessert in many food parties. Ice cream contains a high amount of fats and the digestion of the fats takes a long time. Therefore, the metabolism will keep happening and you will not be induced to sleep.

Spicy Food –

There are good and bad sides of spicy food. They are sure to boost the metabolism and make you lose weight at times. But they can ruin the night’s sleep and trigger a heartburn. Therefore, your dinner should be small and light.

Onion –

A lot of people have onions in their night salad but onions can cause gas and stomach bloating. The acid reflux caused by stomach pressure can be uncomfortable and take away your night’s sleep. Again, go for a light salad dinner and make it easy for your stomach.

Broccoli –

There are various health benefits of Broccoli but it is better to avoid it at night. Most vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and others have insoluble fiber that makes it hard for the digestive system.

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