Find Out More About These 11 Cool Windows 10 Secrets


Windows 10 had been under a lot of fire at the beginning but Microsoft has been great at tilting the tables in their favor. And now everyone is loving the latest offering from the tech giant. We have collected a few secretive tips that ought to take your windows 10 experience up a notch or two. Check out these Windows 10 secrets.



Know These Windows 10 Secrets


1. Brand new Game Mode



A new update called the "Windows creator update" will bring with it a brand new feature called the Game Mode. this mode optimizes and pushes all the system resources towards the game that is being played. to enable it, go to the settings app, click on gaming (after getting the creators update) and enable Game Mode there. This makes virtually unplayable games playable.



2. Advanced control panel or God Mode



A lot of settings within the control panel can now be put out there and accessed with a single icon, the feature is named God Mode. Just create a new folder, rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. That's it.



3. Hassle free clean install of Windows



If you always read on forums that a clean install of windows will help resolve your problem and had further problems doing a clean install, then worry not. Head to the Settings > Updates & Security > Recovery and under More Recovery options you'll see this: "Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows". Click on it and you're set. 



4. Create more than one Virtual Desktops



This feature extant on Mac and Linux OS was much needed for Windows. click on the Task View button next to the Start button and you can see all your windows side-by-side and also create new (virtual) desktops.



5. Search anything from the start menu



The Search feature within the Start menu has become much more receptive, as in you can search any file, folder, app or setting on your computer from Start. If it isn't present it also allows you to make a web search directly.



6. Better battery saver mode



This feature applies only to PCs working on independent power sources. The Windows 10 update brought with itself a new battery saver mode. It allows extracting more juice out of the battery by limiting background tasks etc. Just click on the battery icon on the taskbar or wade through Settings > System > Battery Saver.



7. Scroll through inactive windows by hovering over them 



If you ever weren't able to scroll through a window, it might have been because it wasn't the active window. Now you can scroll through even inactive windows just by hovering over them. Head over to the Mouse settings and enable "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them".



8. Turn off unwanted notifications



If you're like me who is annoyed by notifications while watching a good movie, then you can change that. Head over to Start > Settings > System > Notifications and you may choose the applications from which you want to get notifications and more such tweaks.



9. Fully customizable Start menu



The Start menu is a huge improvement over the one that came with Windows 8.1. You can now resize tiles and even remove them, by just right clicking on them, go back to a Windows 7 style menu, pin or unpin tiles, and even uninstall apps right from there. 



10. Toggle settings quickly and easily



This is a practical feature, just like the mobile OSs, a set of Quick toggles make our lives easier. They appear once you click on the notifications icon.



11. Have fun and serious conversations with Cortana



Cortana has grown leaps and bounds since it's inception. Now you can hold a conversation with her, much like the famed Siri, literally do all that she can do. Right from marking your calendar to just talking about the weather, provided that you have a microphone.


With that, ends the list of Windows 10 secrets. Let us know what you think of them in the sections below.



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