9 Facts About Shampoo That Nobody Cares To Tell You

Even though shampoo is a daily used product not many seems to know much about it. Most people just go to shops and buy it according to brand or product type like herbal and start using it. Some people also consider shampoo one of the reasons for their hair loss while others complain about dandruff shampoos not working. There are so many different important things about shampoo that you are never told but you should definite know. 



1. Every Hair Requires A Specific Shampoo


Depending on the skull and hair condition, different shampoos are recommended by dermatologist. Some require mild shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, herbal shampoo and nourishment shampoo. It is better to consult a dermatologist to know your type after explaining your problems.


2. Every Hair Suits A Particular Ingredient-Rich Shampoo


Apart from mild, herbal, anti dandruff shampoo, you will see different ingredients written on shampoo container like lemon, menthol, mint and likewise. You just cannot use any of them. Your hair suits only a particular ingredient. Even though lemon is useful, it can cause irritation in some. So, try out and check which one suit you the best. 



3. The Efficient Way Of Shampooing


Most people take it for granted while shampooing. They keep on adding shampoo and rub their hair and skull vigorously. It only weakens the root of the hair, and a lot of hair fall is going to be a reality. The best way to shampoo is to apply it directly to the skull and massage gently in circular motion for it to spread evenly everywhere. 


4. Do Not Use Hot Water While Shampooing


In winter, we have a tendency to shampoo our hair with hot water coming out of geyser. It can make your hair dry at least for a few days, and it would increase dandruff formation exponentially. Whatever the season is, go for cold water.


5. Do Not Do Shampoo Twice


Some people have the habit of shampooing their hair two times consecutively because they feel that it is going to wash their hair better. It is only going to harm your hair irrespective of the type of shampoo it is.


6. Expensive Shampoos Are Not Good


Most people think expensive and branded shampoo are better, but they contain more chemical than the cheaper ones which can damage their hair. It is better if you can prepare some home remedies for shampoos. 


7. Don't Use Hair Dryer After Shampooing


Shampooing opens up your hair follicles and if you use a hair dryer, it is going to damage the openings. Therefore, stand in the sun and dry it off.



8. Change Shampoo After a Certain Period


Nobody must have told you that you should change your shampoo once it at least three months. After a few days, you can go back to your old shampoo again. The skull and dandruff stop responding if a shampoo is used for too long just like toothpaste. It is better to go for some home remedy or hair treatment after three months.



9. Importance of Hair Conditioner


Whatever shampoo you use, your hair is going to get completely dry because the oil and sticky substances are washed off. Similarly, the skull is completely cleaned, therefore, the rise of dryness is inevitable. With too much dryness, hair fall and dandruff growth become prominent. Hence, always use a hair conditioner after shampooing to rejuvenate your hair. 


Follow these things from the next time you do shampooing and see the changes in a short period of time. 



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