Entrepreneur? Need 26 hrs out of a Day?? Whoa…Learn how to save Time

Entrepreneurs always need more out of a day. They believe in working smarter rather than harder. They are very ambitious and always stick to the time. These are some of the habits to make the best use of time in a day for an entrepreneur. Here I am with stupendous ideas to utilize your time a proper manner.


1. Do paperwork on plane


You should wind up your paperwork on the flight itself so as to save your time and prepare yourself for the next important work.





2. Travel at night


Entrepreneurs are very particular in their work. They love to travel at night to make the best use of time. As they can sleep and travel simultaneously. 





3. No holidays


They should take a break for some hours but never for a day. They love to work on Sunday in calmness when everyone is out for shopping





4. 6-7 hours sleep is enough


They never spent unnecessary time on sleeping. They sleep for 6-7 hours of sound sleep which is more than enough for them. They aspire to achieve rather than dreaming.





5. Quit social media addiction


Social media should never b the priority rather than an option. One should minimize the use of social media so that time could be utilized in some other important work





6. Make to – do list      


An entrepreneur should be very much particular in his/her work there by scheduling all their work the night before.  They should use that list as a blueprint.





7. “No’’ is the keyword to success


Start to say “No” to people and other events. It is very important to filter out the work according to the priorities.





8. Work in a smarter way


One should work in a smarter way rather than be working the whole day and night. It is all about how you manage to finish the work in a short span of time





9. Relationship should not be the priority at stake of work


The relationship is good but does not take enough time in pampering your girlfriend in useless reason. Work should be the priority always rather than any other issue.





10. Task should be completed with immediate effect


A successful entrepreneur should never waste a single minute. They complete their work immediately when assigned.   





11. Hire assistant


You should outsource or hire an assistant and train them so as to handle the important work. The spare time should be utilized by the entrepreneurs for strategy making.




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