Embarrassing Photoshoot That Will Make You Say Thank God 90s Era Is Over’


You dad and mom will always tell you that the movies of the 90's era were like diamond and the songs around that period are immortal. They will then compare that with the modern era and say a few disrespectful and discouraging things. But the following photoshoot images make it hard to believe that they could have been any creative people around that period because the concept and the poses are simply awful. Have a look and decide yourself.



1. Akshay Kumar – The Hairy Guy





There used to be no problem in those days to show off body hair openly. It used to be considered manly. But look at his fashion sense. What the heck he wearing is and that cap is beyond words.





2. Karishma And Akshay – Who Is The Man?




Well, looks like the actor and the actress failed to understand their role and reversed their poses. It seems like the choreographer told Karishma to pose the way Akshay is doing and Akshay to hold Karishma. Stupidity at its best.





3. Karishma With A Pipe




It seems like the vibrator was not available at that time this photo was taken. Then had to use a pipe in the shape of a banana for self-pleasuring. What a concept!!





4. Aditya Pancholi – The Stripper




Looks like guys used to strip those days to seduce girls and not the other way around. Such an inappropriate photo shoot and the set was horrible as well. All he got was a cardboard to hide behind.





5. Madhuri Dixit – Crazy Dress




Somebody give the costume designer of this dress an Oscar. How did she agree to put on something stupid looking dress like that? The tradition is still on these days and some actresses put on such stupid looking dresses to go viral!!





6. Shah Rukh Khan – Pregnant!




If he sees this photo now, he is sure to commit suicide. He must have been proving the point that he is the first man to get pregnant. It is just difficult to image something like that being the cover of Filmfare magazine.





7. Shakti Kapoor – No Words!




Shakti Kapoor got involved in several scandals with girls and actresses during his time, but this one has to stand out. This is as embarrassing as any scandal that came out in public.





8. Amir Khan In A Different Avatar




Amir Khan truly is a perfectionist because even in those days, he perfectly posed like a girl while Juhi is doing his part posing in super cool boy style. Why was there always a role reversal in photoshoot??





9. Cannot Get Any Worse



Over the years, we have been many ridiculous photo-poses by the top most actor and actress, but this one takes away the cake. What the hell are they wearing? 




10. Karishma and Akshay Khanna's World Famous Pose




Karishma is trying hard to hide her real expression, and sure as hell Akshay Khanna is having the day of his life pressing harder and harder. It looks like the actor and actress left their brains in their homes.



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