9 Easy Steps To Make An Eye-Catching Candle Stand From Newspaper

If you are creative, you can create amazing things using items that we dispose of off as worthless. There is nothing as satisfying as having attractive objects in your room that you have created from of literally nothing. An artistic newspaper candle stand can change the way the object looks on which it will be placed. Here are the simple steps to make a newspaper candle stand all your yourself. 





Materials Needed

  • Newspaper.
  • Hardboard Paper.
  • Colors.
  • Decorative Mirrors.
  • Small Round Container.
  • Glue, Scissor, Pencil, Unused Pen.


1. Creating Circles



Take the small round container, place it on the hard board paper and make circles with a pencil. Now take the scissor and cut it out so that perfectly round hardboard paper can be obtained from it. 


2. Make Sticks



Now take a newspaper and make them lie flat. Take an unused pen and start rolling the newspaper from the corner by keeping the pen as central object. You can see in the picture. Make as many as you can as hey would be needed.

3. Make Rolls


Take the unused pen out of the sticks and use the pen as a pivot to roll the stick paper into small roundels.  Add some glue towards the end so that it stays glued to its ends comfortably. 

Now, attach two and three sticks together with glue and then make them roll again with the pen as a pivot so that the roundels are bigger than the previous ones. 


4. Cover The Hardboard Circles


Take newspaper stick and add glue to the sides of the hardboard circle and attach the sticks around it as you can see in the photo. Make it as thick as you can using multiple newspaper sticks. But make sure the new ones are placed slightly above the previous one so that an indent is created. 


5. Make A Big Hollow Roll and Join Small Rolls


Take the small container and with it as the pivot, roll a stick around it. Now, take the small rolls and attach them to the side of this big roll with glue. Watch the image to understand. Wait for some time for the small rolls to get attached to the big one.


6. Cover The Sides


Now, take the entire thing and take a stick and attach it to the side of the small rolls so that the entire thing is covered by the side. You can use multiple sticks at well to make it strong. 


7. Color The Three Pieces



You should be having three pieces by now. One is the last thing you did with small rolls, second is the thing you did with cardboard in step 4 and a big solid roll in step 3. Attach glue all over those things and paint with color of your color. The more beautiful and contrasting you can make, the better is it. Use multiple colors to make it eye-catching. 


8. Attaching To Decoratives



Attach the decoratives as you think appropriate. you can hang little bells from the small rolls, add a mirror to the big roll and hard board paper. This part depends on your creativity. 


9. Finally, Make A Stand!



Place the hardboard with slanting sides upside down. Then place the item with small rolls at 90 degrees with the base of the hardboard. Finally, place the indented big solid roll on the top of that and place a small candle inside it. 


You can keep it in any place and it would enhance the beauty of the object. Why buy expensive decorative items when you can do it yourself. 





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