List of Dresses You Need To Own This Summer

Summers are here, and boy, the season is here in full swing! With the beautiful breeze, blooming flowers and chirping birds, the summer season brings a vibrant vibe that is hard to miss. This is the time to take out all the dresses and parade them on the streets. With the sun shining and the green grass spreading far beyond, it is also the time to take out those outfits you previously couldn’t wear because of the chilly weather. Good thing Carma online has got your back with a wide range of dresses for the best of summer days!

Whether it is a day event or an evening out with your girlfriends, you can wear one of these fabulous outfits and be ready to take on the heat with style. We have brought together a list of some of the best summer dresses so that you can have a look and decide for yourself!

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1. Maxi Dress By Mandira Wirk

In the summer season, what is better than light pastel colors to soothe your eyes? This piece is not only beautifully designed, but also boasts of a fabulous neck and a unique shade. The flair of the dress is just perfect for a cocktail party or a dinner date with your better half. You can also pack this for your next beach holiday!

2. Party Dress By Nitya Bajaj

If you’re looking for a youthful and colorful outfit for the much-anticipated club outing with your girlfriends, this dress by Nitya Bajaj will prove to be perfect for the occasion. Sassy and bold, the silhouette of the dress has managed to incorporate everything trendy, without ever going over the top.

3. Ultra-Feminine Dress By Anita Dongre

A classy and chic piece, this dress can be worn to many kinds of events, whether it is a soiree, book launch or an elegant get-together. The neck is sophisticated and smart at the same time, and cutouts add an edge. The color works best for summers as it is pleasant and cool to look at.

4. Draped Dress By Sougat Paul

The summer season gives fashion lovers the opportunity to do whatever style of dress they want without coming in the way of their personal sense of style. This blue draped maxi dress by Sougat Paul is the perfect example of this kind of an outfit. Bold and extremely unique in its fittings, it is styled like a dhoti in the lower half. The soft colors only add to the exuberance of the design.

5. Flowy Dress By Surabhi Arya

Inspired by the Arabic traditions, this dress is smart as well as traditional at the same time. It can be worn with different accessories and footwear that add to its charm. Airy and comfortable, the dress is like a breath of fresh air in the blazing summer heat.

6. Playful Dress By Debarun

The color and the style of the dress is such that it will cheer you up instantly, and so will the ruffles! This versatile dress can be worn to any gathering when teamed up with the right accessories and footwear that can take it from a formal to an informal outfit. The best part about this dress is that it goes with everybody shape and type.

7. Midi Dress By Nautanky

This sheer beauty is a sight to behold. Loose-fitting yet stylish, it can work well for a day dress. Light to wear, it is quite alluring and fun at the same time. With tie detailing on the straps, the dress looks modern and works perfectly well with flats and a sling bag. It can also be coupled with cute earrings, and hair bandanas and you’re good to go! Additionally, the polka dots are forever in style, ensuring you’ve made an investment that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Whether it’s designer clothes by Nitya Bajaj or by Anita Dongre, the one thing that is common about all designers is comfort which when combined with interesting designs work wonders!

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