Digital India goes to Haj! Check out the best 5 features of this novel Haj app


As the initiative of Digital India is progressing, making e-wallets companies go multi-millionaire and spreading awareness among people to go for digital payment methods, this program has reached its new height by coming up with an app to apply and pay for “Hajj” pilgrimage.

You heard it right! Now, you can fulfill the formalities of going to Hajj right at your home, in as easy a manner as using any other application on your smartphone! Here are a few exciting features offered by this app:


1. Easy download from Play Store


Just go to Google Play Store on your smartphone and type “Haj Committee of India, ” and you can conveniently download this app for free!






2. Apply for Haj


You can apply for the pilgrimage directly from this app wherein five adults and two infants can apply as a group.






3. Enquiry and Information


If you are wondering about details like that of eligibility, how to file Haj Application form, the amount payable, refund policy, Passport submission, etc., this app comes to your rescue and provide all the information related to going for a hassle-free pilgrimage.






4. News and Updates


This app provides you with latest news and updates regarding Haj pilgrimage policies and regulations. For example, it tells you that the last submission date of the current application process is January 24th. Hence, you can rely on this app for latest updates.






5. E-Payment


Online payment or e-payment is the best feature as you can simply pay the Hajj registration fee, directly from this app, which saves time and effort.





Now go to “Hajj” without worries, thanks to Digital India initiative. Put down your comments about the app and how it helped you. Cheers!

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