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Different Ways Smell Can Influence Your Mind!

It is amazing how smell can be the selling point of the restaurants. Smell is a brainwasher and there are various companies that use smell as their marketing strategy to influence the potential customers in their decision making. For example, car companies put the excessive smell in a new car so that when a potential customer checks the car out or goes for a test drive, he gets brainwashed by the smell to buy it eventually. Not just this, there are a host of ways how smell is manipulating us.

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Taste and Smell –

While our taste buds tell us whether the food is salty, bitter, sour, or sweet, it is our nose that takes the fragrance of the food while it is served or while you are eating it. This sends a message to our brain and it combines with the message of the taste receptors. The ultimate result can be that you find the food delicious than it actually is.

Going Back In Time-

Even though time travel is not physically possible but the smell can trigger your memories and take you back to the past. While going through an old book or photo or anything for that matter, we recognize the scent and our emotional memories are triggered by which we can remember a lot of things of the past quite suddenly.

Mood Changer –

The next time you are depressed, you should get a fragrant fresh flower and smell it. The beautiful scent of the flower will distract your mind and you can eventually come out as a better person. That is the whole concept behind offering flowers in various ceremonies to keep everyone happy with the sweet fragrance. Even aromatherapy is completely based on this concept.

Turn You On –

You might have heard or seen how boys get turned on when a good smelling girl passes through. That is the whole concept behind the perfumes that are hitting the market these days to attract the opposite gender. Even girlfriends compliment their boyfriends for smelling great and deep inside it can drive them crazy.

Activate Your Emotional Center –

The smell can make your joyful, fearful, cringing, and much more. There is something called chemosignal that activates different parts of our brain. By analyzing the sweat and tear, it can be concluded that whether the person is in a joyful or fearful state.

Makes You Buy More –

Finally, the smell and scent have been the best weapon for companies especially the restaurants in the world. If the smell comes from a food product is great, you are likely to buy more. That is why bakery, restaurants, and other shops let the scent of their food items out in the public so that they can attract customers passing by.

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