Things You Should Do While Dating In The Winters!

People are scared of dating during the winters as it is uncomfortable in all aspects. One needs to put on heavy clothes and they look fat and weird. The skin getting cracked and wrinkled fingers are the worst nightmares coming true. However, you cannot postpone a date if it happens to be in the winters. Here is the list of the dos and donts while dating in the winter.

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Step Out In The Open –

In the summers, we walk with our date in the malls to hide from the sun. But, in winter, we crave for the sun and therefore, it is wise to walk in the open and it can be a park, eating on rooftop restaurants and likewise.

Groom Yourself More –

You have to groom yourself twice more in the winters. You cannot impress your date with dry hair and dry skin. Apply gel to moisturize your hair and use moisturizer to make your skin come alive. Moreover, drink more water and do not lick your lips but use lip balm. Keep one in the pocket in case you need.

Go For Smart Layering –

There is no doubt that the traditional winter clothes are unflattering to go on a date with. Instead, you should try smart layering. Watch how cool the actors or models undress in the winters and try to replicate them to protect your body and look stylish.

Brunch Is Better –

The morning breaks late for everyone in the winter. Therefore, it is better to go for a date in the winter after 10am. Therefore, instead of breakfast date or lunch date, it is better to go for a brunch date. Moreover, a brunch date gives you a lot of time to be together.

Look Beyond Regular Coffee –

We cannot have cold drinks in the winters and therefore, coffee is the first choice. But coffee is probably what everyone has at home every day. Therefore, try out something different in coffee, hot chocolates or other drinks. If it is a dinner date and your partner is up to it, you can go for wine.

Stay At Home –

If you are visiting your date partner for the second or third time, it is time to go to her home or call her in your home because it is the most comfortable out at home. There are a lot of possibilities when you two get some privacy and winter is the best time for physical intimacy while sharing a blanket and get some heat in the body.

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