9 Crazy And Amazing Must-Have Earring Trends For 2017

Adding a pair of earrings can instantly transform your outfit. While some people keep it casual, others use their massive creativity and experimentation skills to make the earrings perfectly compliment the outfit. And if you are one of the latter, here are for you and your friends some unique, offbeat and crazy earrings that you'll want to rock everyday. Believe me, if you don’t have these in your wardrobe, your jewelry box needs some serious makeover. Thus, for your “uggh she is SO old fashioned” – rescue, these are 9 crazy and amazing must-have earrings for 2017.



1. Cat Stud Earrings


Cat Stud Earrings, for that cat person in your circle who just can't get enough of cats. These earrings are super trendy and they also come in different animal shapes and colors.



2. Hoop Earrings


With hoop earrings coming back in fashion, people have gone crazy! Every girl has got one in her jewelry box and why not when these hoops stand out like nothing else. Plus, it'll give you that Afro-American vibe and a lot of edges.



3. Recycle Earrings


Recycled stuff is always cool. And now, imagine you and your friends, trending the uber cool recycled earrings. Got old bottle caps, battery bulbs, a broken dream catcher? Take it and make it into a super awesome pair of earrings.



4. Celebrity Earrings


Imagine being a die-hard fan of a celebrity or being crazily in love with them. Yes, there are a lot of people out there like that and the "Celebrity Earrings" are just the thing for you.



5. Naga Earrings


Most of us would not have seen a Naga woman in her traditional outfit ever! But, their earrings are so extreme and unique and not to forget, badass. So, if you like to try different things, well, what are you waiting for?



6. Huge Earrings


What do you do when your neck and jawline is one of the best parts of your body? Simple, you wear huge earrings. Want to stand out in the crowd? Then wear really huge earrings.



7. Highlight Earrings 


Need highlights but don't want your hair to go through all that chemical treatment and damage? Forget extensions because highlight earrings are the new trend you should be following.



8. Pom-Pom Earrings


Call out the crazy-over-the-top-pink-loving-girly girl in you with the new Pom-Pom Earrings. They're huge, they're fun and they're super adorable. Perfect for a plain outfit. So, buy them, flaunt them.



9. Boho Earrings


If you don’t have Boho earrings in your accessory collection, buy a pair today! Boho Earrings are a combo of pretty and chic and edgy and versatile and so much more. A must-have, duh!



Do put down your comments and let us know the kind of earrings that you love and you like to experiment with. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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