Check Out the Top 10 Sites to Watch NBA Online


NBA has and always been a high intensity, high on action, massive crowd puller of a basketball association. Basketball that is always in the top 10 of the most watched sports all over the world, helps NBA further it's crowd pulling abilities. While most of it's fans ar located in the United States of America, people from all over the world tune in to watch NBA games. While we have ways to catch the action from the USA with ease, by means of cable and satellite tv and others, the rest of the world doesn't really have many options. Hence we have brought all you NBA fans all over the world, methods to watch NBA online. This one is also to enable those hardcore fans who wouldn't wanna miss the action, no matter where they are! Check out there legit ways to watch NBA online legally!



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Here are The Top Sites to Watch NBA Online







DirectTV Now has been a popular choice for all of us who want to watch anything on the go, really. And what this channel subscription service brings is really a set of channels to watch your favorite basketball matches, as per your choice anywhere you are.


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2. Playstation Vue




This is a new subscription based Tv channel streaming service from Sony. It gives to us, all the major TV channels like TNT, ESPN, NBA TV on all our devices. So one can watch his NBA matches in peace with this subscription service.


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3. Sling TV




Another major player in the channel subscription service is Sling TV. This one too enables us to watch Sports channels that stream NBA games, as they happen, with a minimal subscription fee. This one is the crowd's favorite, not only for sports but many other TV networks too!


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4. Fubo TV




Fubo TV is a relatively new streaming service and has about 40 odd channels in its list. It certainly allows us to watch NBA matches on most of our devices but isn't really the best option out there. 


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5. NBA League Pass




This is the official streaming service provided by the NBA. It has the matches that you have paid for (packages) and on-demand services too! The newest and probably the most exclusive option for an NBA fan!


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6. ABC with a strong antenna




This is an option to watch NBA online for free! All you need is and HD antenna and you can watch almost all the over-the-air channels for free. ABC is one of them, so guess what, FREE NBA STREAMING!




7. TNT Overtime




This is another FREE method to watch NBA. Non-TNT users can also watch NBA games by using TNT Overtime. Although it doesn't show you the exact broadcast and just has 4 cameras from 4 different angles without commentary, it's free so who cares! 


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8. NBA League Pass International




This is the regular NBA league pass but with no blackout games. Actually set up for the international audience this pass can also be used by people in the USA and Canada with a few simple steps. 


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9. ESPN 




This is undoubtedly the king of sporting event telecast. WatchESPN allows us to watch NBA games when we want to and where we want to with a small subscription fee. Look out for free telecasts also!


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10. NBAOnlineStreams




The last one on our list is NBAOnlineStreams, here you can get passes for games, tournaments or select games only. Most of the time, they stream content for free but other times, you may have to subscribe.


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