13 Cheapest and Most Beautiful Countries to move to and Start Anew


People move from one place to another very often and a large portion of these movers are those who are changing countries. Although this can be a huge life decision, it can be an equally enriching and rewarding experience.

It could be due to business, work, or even personal reasons like wanting to start a new life. In any case, we have made a short overview of countries with charming views and highly reasonable living expenses below. Do consider them before making this life-changing decision.



1. Bolivia



Continent: South America

Avg. Rent: $226 (£183)

Consumer Price Index: 38.37


One of the more diverse landscapes in all of South America can be found here, for this country has the Atacama desert, the Amazon basin, and the Andes mountains. Definitely, a place to consider if you are moving away.


2. Bulgaria



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $300 (£243)

Consumer Price Index: 40.24


This beautiful European nation is known for its picturesque scenery and landscape. It is surrounded by the Black Sea on one side and others by Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Macedonia.


3. Romania



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $355 (£288)

Consumer Price Index: 38.71


The beautiful country of Romania is known for its rich culture ringed mountains of Carpathia, majestic European style castles and not to forget the beautiful women. 


4. Morocco



Continent: Africa (north)

Avg. Rent: $200 (£153)

Consumer Price Index: 38.13


The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the more developed of the African nations. It is known for its ceramics, jewelry, and lanterns. Moreover, it is a cultural melting pot of the Berber, Arabian and European peoples.


5. Russia



Continent: Asia

Avg. Rent: $305 (£255) 

Consumer Price Index: 44.48


It is the biggest country in the world, and yet it isn't all that expensive to start a new life. It has everything from snow capped mountains to dense forests to sub-tropical beaches.


6. Bosnia and Herzegovina



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent:  $136 (£110)

Consumer Price Index: 38.67


Another beautiful and affordable nation is Bosnia and Herzegovina. This European nation is marked by rustic medieval villages, lakes, rivers, and the rocky Dinaric Alps.


7. Serbia



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $187 (£152)

Consumer Price Index: 37.42


A neighbor to the picturesque nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Serbia. Another European country that is a mixture of Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine culture and its structures.


8. Belarus



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $150 (£115)

Consumer Price Index: 35.20


Another European country but one that is land locked, by Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. Certain commodities like clothing and fruits are pricey while the rest of the basic stuff is super cheap here.


9. Armenia



Continent: Asia

Avg. Rent: $132 (£101)

Consumer Price Index: 35.32


Previously a part of the Soviet Republic, Armenia is another landlocked but Asia nation. It is said that the Republic of Armenia consists of only 1/10th of ancient Armenia.


10. Albania



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $155 (£126)

Consumer Price Index: 36.84


Albania is the country crossed by the Albanian Alps. The nation is known for its rich heritage including its archeological sites and castles.


11. Egypt



Continent: Africa/Asia

Avg. Rent: $83 (£64)

Consumer Price Index: 25.39


The land of the pyramids, mummies and beautiful women with enchanting eyes. This country is super dry and equally cheap to live in. Another must consider country for people who love history.


12. Colombia



Continent: South America

Avg. Rent: $240 (£184)

Consumer Price Index: 34.35


Colombia is known as the most inexpensive nation in all of South America. It is known for the Andes mountains, its coffee plantations, and dense rainforests.


13. Macedonia



Continent: Europe

Avg. Rent: $169 (£137)

Consumer Price Index: 33.79


Another Balkan nation with sprawling mountains, ancient architecture sprinkled with Ottoman and European styles. The country is landlocked on all the 4 sides but has several beautiful hill top castles to make up for the lack of beaches.


Thank you and do let us know your views on the post in the comments and reaction sections below.



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