13 Celebs Who Have Ridiculous Insurance For Their Body Parts

It is very true that the body parts of the celebs are their greatest possession. For male celebs, it is their face but for a female celebrity, the face is less valuable in comparison to their curves. Just as every human being, celebrities are not insecure about their future and they have gone as far as insuring their body parts in case they get disfigured in future and they become just another person on Earth. Here are those 13 celebs who insured their body parts for millions.



1. Daniel Craig



He is a fearless actor and he did all the stunts in the James Bond movies all by himself. It is quite natural that due to his reckless nature, he could get injured and hence, he insured his entire body.


Insurance Amount – $9.5 Million.


2. Heidi Klum



Heidi has become extremely popular as a Victoria Secret model and fans die for her gorgeous legs. Heidi was quick to realize that her legs worth more than her body and made an insurance against deformation.


Insurance Amount – $2 Million.


3. Kim Kardashian


Kim has the most voracious butt in the world and she is famous basically for that. She has an insurance policy as she spends quite a lot maintaining its shape. 


Insurance Policy – $21 Million.


4. David Beckham



This is one of the biggest sports stars of all time and undoubted the greatest male model among his peers. He was so popular that he got a deal from an insurance company to secure his legs, feet, and toes for a record-breaking amount.


Insurance Amount – $70 Million. 


5. Jennifer Lopez



She is probably the best all-rounder female celebrity of all time. She is popular as a singer, model as well as actress. More than her top part, she has preferred to make an insurance for her curvaceous butt. 


Insurance Amount – $27 Million.


6. Cristiano Ronaldo


No one comes close to CR7 when it comes to insuring his legs. He has the habit of creating records all the time it seems as his insurance amount is the highest ever.


Insurance Amount – $144 Million.



7. Rihanna



She is one of the biggest pop singers in the world and she values her legs because that is what she shows all the time in her music videos. Just like a smart girl, she insured it against injury and deformation.


Insurance Amount – $1 Million.


8. Holly Madison


She has implants in her chest and she realized that if they get damaged somehow due to aggressive activities, she would be out of her work for a few months. Therefore, she was wise to go for an insurance for her bosom.


Insurance Amount – $1 Million.


9. Dolly Parton



She is hugely famous around the world for her massive pair of implants sitting on her chests. It is quite natural that she registered for an insurance policy to protect her biggest assets. 


Insurance Amount – $6 Million.


10. America Ferrera



The popular actress has been campaigning for insurance company Aquafresh White Trays for charity and she was clever enough to get an insurance for her teeth which she values more than her body.


Insurance Amount – $10 Million.


11. Julia Roberts



Well, it seems like Hollywood actresses are not only obsessed with their curves but also their way of smiling. Julia Roberts was one step ahead to insure her smile for a huge amount. You never knew that her smile worth so much.


Insurance Amount – $30 Million.


12. Madonna



Another singer cum actress who thought that her bosom is the main attraction for her fans and insured it at an early age.


Insurance Amount – $2 Million. 


13.  Kylie Minogue



The popular singer insured her bottom curves than her vocal chords because she thinks her music video sells for her buttocks display.


Insurance Amount – $5 Million


Maybe next time, you must also ask your insurance agent to do an insurance of your body parts rather than just a health or life insurance!



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