15 Cancer Preventing Super Foods That Can Save Your Life

Has the wild thought of you getting cancer ever crossed your mind? Nearly 16% of people die from cancer. Among men, lung, liver, and prostate cancer are common while among women, breast, lung and stomach cancer cause the maximum death. Smoking or drinking alcohol is not mandatory to get cancer.  

Nearly 7.6 million people die from cancer every year. What are the possibilities that someone dear to you could be the next one? Here are the 15 super food that can help prevent and fight cancer. Include them in your diet and share the list with everyone you can. 



1. Brazil Nuts – A Magical Super Food



Who does not like to eat nuts but why not eat the one that can prevent cancer? Even though they are difficult to get in every market, but they contain a rare mineral named Selenium which fights cancer and kills it completely. A study has shown that it can reduce the chances of cancer by 50 percent. 


2. Blueberries – Nightmare For Cancer



Blueberries have antioxidant power which neutralizes the free radicals in blood that are known to damage the cells and cause cancer slowly. 


3. Strawberry – Lung and Colon Cancer Prevention



What is that one food you will always find on the list of recommendation from doctors? Strawberry. Its benefits are limitless, and recently it has been found to enhance enzymes with its antioxidant ellagic acid to remove cancer causing substances from the blood. It also has flavonoids that suppress enzymes that seem to cause lung cancer. 


4. Broccoli – Cancer-Preventing Super Food



Doctors always ask people to keep broccoli in the salads you eat every day. But you need to steam Broccoli or eat it raw rather than putting them in microwave. A study has shown that microwave kills all the cancer-preventing flavonoids in it. 


5. Garlic – The Natural Defender 



You should have one clove of garlic every morning in the raw start. It contains sulfur that improves the human immune system to fight cancerous cells. Furthermore, studies have shown that it can actually reduce tumor growth. 


6. Citrus Fruits – Take Daily Doses



Citrus fruits like lemons can reduce the risk of mouth and throat cancer as much as 50%. Research has also shown that the common stomach cancer can be prevented with a daily dose of lemon and other citrus fruits. 


7. Artichokes – Skin Cancer Prevention



Skin cancer is on the rise especially due to use of cosmetic and exposure to pollution and harmful radiation. Artichoke is a vegetable that is rich in Silymarin. It is an antioxidant compound that prevents skin from cancer. 


8. Salmon – Blood Cancer Prevention



Salmon fish is highly popular and extremely tasty. It is found that people who have Salmon 3-4 times a week, they are unlikely to develop blood cancer commonly known as leukemia. It is due to the presence of omega-3, and hence, most of the fatty fishes have the same effect. 


9. Kiwi – Hand Grenade For Cancer



Kiwi is commonly found in the market, but not many people eat it. It can be used to tenderize meat, but if you eat its flesh, you can prevent cancer due to the presence of vitamin C, copper, antioxidants and lutein. 


10. Tomato – Prostrate Cancer Prevention



Prostate cancer is common in men just as breast cancer is in women. Tomatoes have Lycopene which is a very powerful antioxidant which the researchers have found to suppress prostate cancer significantly and prevent it from occurring. Have not you started taking it in salads already?

11. Carrot – Cervical Cancer Prevention



Do you eat raw carrots in your salads or carrot juice? It contains beta-carotene that protects cells from cancer-causing agents. But do you know that boiled and slightly cooked carrot is better than raw carrots?

12. Whole Grains – Colorectal Cancer Prevention



Do you know that whole grains are tastier than the ones we buy from the market? Whole grains are more nutritious and contain fiber that reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. It contains lignans and saponins which prevent the division of cancerous cells. 


13. Spinach – Free Radical Killer



Do you know that the free radicals found in our found are indirectly responsible for various cancers? Spinach has lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids that remove these radicals from the blood. As a matter of fact, you should eat dark green leafy vegetables more often to get the same benefits. 


14. Black And Green Tea – Ovarian Cancer Prevention



Do you know that drinking black tea twice a day can reduce the chances of ovarian cancer by 33%? We all know black, and green tea has antioxidant compounds to purifies the blood from impurities and radicals carrying cancer causing compounds. 


15. Avocado – Add It To Your Salad



Avocado does not really help to prevent cancer directly, but it has monosaturated fats that can absorb anticancer and antioxidant particles from all the above-mentioned foods and retain them in your body to prevent cancer indirectly



Do share the article everywhere you can because it can save human lives.



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