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Bizarre Things People Have Paid Tax For Ages!

Taxes are one of those things that we hate to pay even though they are mandatory. This makes us feel like we will never be independent financially in our own country where we pay all the different types of taxes in every step. But in some countries, things are a lot more bizarre and the reason for which some people had to pay taxes will make you wonder what the government was thinking. Check them out and think aloud.

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1. Cow Fart Tax

Cow gas is highly toxic especially if you are working in a slaughterhouse. Beef is very common in European countries. Therefore, Denmark imposes a tax on each cow which is more of a fine for the cows farting. How is the owner of the cow suppose to stop the cow from farting? Maybe healthy eating!


2. Toilet Flush Tax

There are a lot of us who waste a lot of water in flushing the toilet so that there is no remaining. The state of Maryland in Us takes it too seriously and imposes a tax on the number of times you flush your toilet. If you have an upset stomach, you should be ready to cash out more taxes.


3. Tattoo Tax

Tattoo on the body parts has become a fashion and almost everyone in the new generation gets it done. If you are in Arkansas in the USA and you have a salon for providing services on tattoo making, you have to pay heavy sales tax. Naturally, the tax is taken from the consumers and therefore, you will have to pay dearly.


4. Pumpkin Tax

Making Halloween decoration with pumpkins is very popular in the European countries and there are certain regions in the USA where the citizens are taxed for using pumpkins for decoration. However, there is no tax if they consume it every day.


5. Pet Tax

In Punjab, you have to pay taxes for keeping pets at home and it ranges from 250 to 500 INR annually depending on the size of the pets. It is not a big amount but still taxes for pets!


6. Ice Tax

In Arizona, if you need a block of ice, you have to pay taxes. But if you have ice cubes, you do not have. Well, what is the point of the tax anyway!!


7. Hat Tax

Back in the day, in Britains, people had to pay taxes for wearing and possessing hats. It was believed that only rich people had a thing for hats and therefore, the more hats one possessed, the higher would have been the taxes for him.


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