12 Bizarre Health Therapy That Will Make You Cringe

There are only three reasons why a person opts for a therapy – Better treatment, Less expenditure, and Alternative solution. Health therapists claim to heal a problem from its root, unlike medicine treatment where the cause of a problem is rather suppressed. According to Health Service Research, physical therapy costs 72% less than traditional medicine treatment. Lastly, physical therapy could be your only way out when medicines do not work on your body like arthritis. 

There are therapies for literally everything. But almost 46% of patients going for therapy due to arthritis, back pain, work injuries and paralysis. The market for therapists is at all time high and every now and then, therapists are coming up with their own set of therapists for different health benefits. Here are some of the bizarre health therapies who would pray that you never have to do them in your lifetime.



1. Urotherapy



Do you know that astronauts drink their own urine after refining in case they stay for an extended period in the outer space? Well, there is a homeopathic therapy where a person is made to drink his own urine. Quite disgusting! They believe urine contains antibodies that can cure several diseases in your body automatically! 


2. Breast Milk Therapy


In 2009, a bizarre medical case study was performed where a father suffering from cancer was made to drink the breast milk of her daughter. Cringeworthy already? Well, the result was as expected for the researchers as the person got cured. It is found that breast milk contains a substance named hamlet that can kill cancer cells.  


3. Maggot Treatment Therapy


It is considered to be an organic way to conceal the wound. Creppy maggots are poured over big wounds and they eat up damaged tissues and the bacteria present. Thus, fresh tissues come up quickly and the wound does not get infected. It is a popular method since 1930 before penicillin was invented. 


4. Tiger Phallus Therapy



If you are having a problem in your sex life due to virility, you can try out this weird Chinese therapy. A person is made to eat dried Tiger Phallus(reproductive organ) in a soup form to boost the manliness like never before! This is beyond disgusting!

5. Snake Massage Therapy


This is more like getting yourself in the troubled state of mind than in a relaxed state. This is available in many popular spa and massage center and is meant to rejuvenate your tired body and wrinkled skin. 


6. Bee Sting Therapy


If you are suffering from arthritis and your orthopaedist cannot cure it, bee sting therapy might be your next destination. A living bee is allowed to sting a person due to anti-inflammatory property in a bee's venom. The bad news is you may have to take multiple stings depending on the extent of your problem.


7. Beer Spa Therapy



This is quite popular in European countries like Germany and Austria where a person is made to take a bath and relax in a bathtub full of beer. This is a full body rejuvenation therapy that will absorb stress from your body and keep your skin youth.


8. Ear Candle Therapy


This is a thermal therapy where you have to lie on the bed in such a posture that your ear is perpendicular to the bed. Then the therapist will place a burning candle in your ear hole with the burning part facing the ceiling. The warmth of the candle will pass to your brain and heal nerve problems. 


9. Ozone Gas Therapy



This is a controversial therapy where a person is put in a chamber of toxic ozone as it is believed that it can cure severe diseases like cancer and AIDS. The practice has been banned in several areas due to health hazards and side effects. 


9. Leech Treatment Therapy



Leech treatment therapy is widely practiced since the ancient time. It originated in Egypt and it best for nervous system related problems and skin diseases. Leeches are spread on the human skin and they penetrate the skin and suck blood and leaves behind anticoagulants. The treatment is popular in Hungary and Sweden


10. Cryogenic Chamber Therapy


If you want to experience hell on earth, you must take this therapy. You can wear nothing but your bathing suit and you will be put in a chamber of liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -150 degrees Celsius. Due to severe cold, the human body will release endorphin hormone in an excessive amount and relieve any pain. This is widely used by athletes to get temporary relief from your injury. 


11. Past Life Regression


You can link and blame any of your present allergies and phobias with your past life. In this therapy, you will be hypnotized to go down the memory lane of your past life and discover the reason of the allergy and phobia you have in present the life and try to amend it. 


If you like to do something adventurous, you must try these out sometime and have the most bizarre experience of your life. 



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