11 Biggest Insurance Claims Ever Will Make You Dizzy!

It is ridiculous how you can do an insurance for everything. Celebrities do insurance of their body parts like voice, legs, hair, and whatnot. The Insurance companies are ready to pay the hefty money as long as they keep getting the premiums every year.

You have no idea how much Insurance companies had to pay or the insurers claim when their insured items got damaged. Here are the exact figures and the reasons for the largest insurance claims in the history of mankind. 



1. 9/11 Terrorist Attack



The Twin Towers were insured and the businesses and companies were insured too. When the building collapsed, the insurance company had to shell out $40 billion due to the destruction of the property. 


2. Japan's Tsunami 



When Tsunami struck Japan in 2011, it destroyed the properties and human lives and the sum total loss was around $40 billion and the insurance companies had to pay out the full amount for the damaged property. 


3. China Earthquake



Chine suffered one of the biggest earthquakes ever on Earth and the natural disaster took nearly 70,000 lives and destroyed acres of property. The insurance companies had to give nearly $20 billion as reported by the media. 


4. US and Canada Outage



Canadians and Americans suffered power outage in 2003 and it is the biggest power outage in Europe. The insurance companies had to pay $6 billion to cover the stoppage of transport, flights, businesses and everything else. 


5. Iceland Volcano 



Iceland is subjected to seeing volcano eruption once in a while and in 2010, it cost the economy nearly $3 billion and the insurance companies had to shell out the money to compensate the loss. The loss was due to stoppage of usual work as the air was filled with harmful tiny particles. 


6. Ice Slip 


In 2012, there was heavy snowfall in Virginia and a resident slipped on the ice and broke a few bones. It leads to complicated situations and the insurance claim was settled at $17.75 million because the landlord failed to clean the ice in due time to avoid the accident. 


7. Car Accident


A student was paralyzed in a car accident in 2012 due to a head-on collision. The girl received $11.5 million as a compensation to her body state, dead mother, and medical expenses. 




SARS broke out in 2003 and itis the highest epidemic payout and the epidemic started in China and there are over 37 countries where it spread in no time. The estimation of the insurance claim is around $1 billion in parts amounting due to travel cancellations and business blockage. 


9. Bugatti Veyron



Bugatti is one of the expensive cars in the world. The engineers crashed and destroyed 2 Bugatti Veyrons while testing and prototyping them. The insurance claim was $5 million which included all the expenses of repairing.


10. Rowan Atkinson Claim 



The famous British actor Rowan Atkinson who portrayed the role of Mr.Bean and he crashed his McLaren F1 in 2011. It is the most expensive automobile claim in the history. The insurance company had to pay out nearly 3.5 million pounds which include the repairing charges as well. 

11. Pet Claim



It is the most expensive pet claim in the history when a cat died after its renal surgery in 2010. The pet owners did the insurance for a claim of $22,000. It is unusual for pet owners to do life insurance for their pets and even insurance companies do not do it mostly. 


Records are made only to be broken and it remains to be seen who and what would be the next big triggers to break these biggest insurance claims. 





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