11 Best Survival Books That Can Save Your Life

No matter how safely you try to live your life, you are sure to get into trouble and unwanted situations in life. Sometimes, those unforeseen circumstances can come in the form of natural disaster, man-made disaster or accidents, wrong decision, machine failure and several such factors which may not be due to your own fault. The greatest challenge is human life is to survive those disastrous situations with all that you get unless you can reach a safe place or the rescue team can arrive.

The following best survival books some of which are based on true events have revealed the best techniques to survive in such life-threatening situations successfully and make a comeback in normal life. You would thank yourself later for reading these best survival books illustrating survival skills and techniques.



Check Out Best Survival Books Ever


1. When All Hell Breaks Loose


Author – Cody Lundin

He is the best seller author of another survival book 98.6 degrees – The art of keeping your ass alive. This book is mainly focusing on emergency skills and disaster preparations you must have. It shows you how to keep yourself calm and follow the right steps under the emergency situations to come out alive. 


2. The Ultimate Survival Manual


Author – Rich Johnson

Rich Johnson has been a former US Special Forces officer. The book lists over 300 life-saving skills to survive in critical situations which can happen anytime. There are photos, illustrations, diagrams to explain everything in layman's term. Some of the highlights are how to save yourself in the case of a wildfire, burning train, oil burning on water, weather disasters and swim across fast-flowing rivers.


3. Your Survival 


Author – Dr. Bob Arnot

It is one of the fantastic books on survival skills. The book is divided into several sections like what you should do before disaster strikes, what to do when you are in a disaster situation and how you can help others without getting yourself in trouble. There are checklists that you can remember.


4. Outdoor Survival Skills


Author – Larry Dean Olsen

The book has got appreciations and compliments from various authorities as it makes people aware of several skills in unforeseen circumstances to save themselves like a pro. How to get shelter anywhere, how to arrange for food, how to get a fire burning and the tools you can construct with useless objects around are some of the intriguing things you get to learn. 


5. The Survival Handbook


Author – Colin Towell

This book is slightly different from others as it talks about global skills by taking into consideration different regions and conditions. It is a must read because every one of us travels to different parts of the world for profession or vocation and life-threatening situations can come anytime. 


6. SAS Survival Guide


Author – John Wiseman

John Wiseman is a former Special AIr Service survival expert. In this book, he explains and illustrates how to use different modern techniques and technologies available like GPS to save oneself whether on land or water. All the contemporary situations are added in the latest editions which make the book useful and interesting. 


7. Special Forces Survival Guide


Author – Chris Mcnab

This is an awesome book written after consulting the best trainers in Navy, Border Force, Delta Force, Air FOrce and various other international units. It is very easy to follow as everything is stated in step by step manner and answers all the required survival techniques in every possible situation.


8. Street Survival – Tactics For Armed Encounter


Author – Ronald J.Adams

This is the most useful book for survival in the current scenario of the world where armed attacks and terrorist activities have grown exponentially. The book has been written after researching over hundreds of reports, and it discusses the techniques to survive in case you getting into such a worst case scenario. 


9. Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual


Author – Mykel Hawke

Mykel Hawke is considered to be an expert on survival techniques. He is a former US Army Special Forces officer, and he is consulted in critical situations. In this awesome book, he has provided an extensive guide to survive in any situation and also the psychology of survival that will help someone to be brave enough to stay alive.


10. How To Stay Alive In The Woods


Author – Bradford Angier

You never know when you could be the only person lost in the woods during your adventurous trip. In the woods you may face dangerous animals and poisonous snakes which are a tough task to handle. Definitely, the rescue team will arrive, but you need to stay alive for the time being. This book is a classic guide you should read and carry with your like the Bible when you go into the woods. 

11. When Technology Fails


Author – Matthew Stein

We are so much dependent on technology and smart devices that none of us can survive without it. In this life-saving book, the author takes about survival techniques when you have no gadgets. How to you get water, make clothing and shelter, find food, arrange for first-aid, and several such serious issues are address systematically. 


Whether you are an avid book reader or not, you should get them and read them for your own good.



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