10 Best Cryptocurrency In The World You Should Know


Cryptocurrency is taking over the world, and most of you may be unaware of it. You must have come across the term Bitcoin quite a few times on the internet. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency encrypted with an algorithm so that it cannot be duplicated. It is available in every country, but just like stocks and property, its value can fluctuate. Therefore, many see cryptocurrency as an investment opportunity as well. 



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Best cryptocurrency



1. Bitcoin 




Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency available in the market. It was created in 2009, and in less than a decade, it has become the biggest cryptocurrency in the world with the largest market cap. All other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are called Altcoin.


Market Cap: $10 Billion





2. Litecoin




It is very similar to Bitcoin and was introduced by a former Google employee. Its market cap rose to nearly $1.2 billion, but at present, it has reduced to millions. It is one of the best-known altcoins which is used for transaction and transfer of money. 


Market Cap: $180 Million.





3. Ethereum




It was launched in 2015, and it is called the next generation cryptocurrency. It has billion dollar market cap already, and some believe it will take over Bitcoin very soon.  One can enact contracts just like selling tickets for a conference and refund it automatically to attendees.


Market Cap: $1.1 Billion





4. Dogecoin




It was made as a joke, but somehow it received an overwhelming response. It was released in 2013, and it is used to give top to people for help or sending a donation. 


Market Cap: $25 Million





5. Dash 




Dash stands for Digital Cash. It is known for its privacy as it uses an anonymous algorithm for encryption. It is super fast and several merchants have started using it. 


Market Cap: $77 Million





6. Monero




Monera is another cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and it uses ring signature technology. It is best for private transactions where the identity of the buyer and the seller remains anonymous. 


Market Cap: $138 Million





7. Ripple




It was released in 2012 and it focuses of real-time settlements. It has become popular among many banks and payment merchants as it reduces the overhead expenses significantly.


Market Cap: $243 Million





8. Lisk




This cryptocurrency is designed for programmers to use them to design 'dapps' such as social media platforms, online e-commerce stores and likewise. It is called modular cryptocurrency. It was released in early 2016 and has a partnership with Microsoft so that developer can use it on Microsoft platforms. 


Market Cap: $25 Million





9.  MaidSafeCoin




It has the same concept as Lisk and it is used by decentralized apps. It is more focuses on security-centric data platform. It is used to store data securely with the use of Secure Access Network. It is called the crowd-sourced internet currency.


Market Cap: $39 Million





10. Storjcoin X




Storjcoin X is used to gain access to open-sourced but encrypted cloud data storage system in the Storj network. It is gaining popularity like wildfire since its inception back in July 2014. 

Market Cap: $8 Million. 



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