Be the most thoughtful boyfriend this year with these 9 unique New Year gifts!

1. Personalized Cushions



What's more thoughtful than letting her know that you have put some thoughts into your gift and made it a personal one!




2. Snowflake/Snowman Earring!




It's always fashionable to wear cute little things for women. This can be the perfect gift to compliment the snow outside or as a reminder of it.




3. Floating star-candles



This is the perfect gift if your girl loves candle-lit events! Let these afloat in the dark and watch the magic!



4. Pac-man moneter lamp



This is the perfect gift if your girl is a 16-bit game, especially the popular 90s game pac-man! It even changes it's color!




5. Name a star



We think this is the best gift on the list! You can name a star in the galaxy, any name you want. You receive a deed with the location of the star as well and other details including the registrar of star-names' signature.




6. Ferrero Tree



Why gift just chocolates when you can give a tree full of chocolates! Just making it more interesting, thoughtful and all!




7. Automatic Handbag illuminator


This one illuminates your girl's handbag as and when she opens it and automatically turns off when it's closed. Neat.




8. Grow-Bottles



These Wine-bottle turned into plants can be a great gift for an agro-lover or just about anyone, if you have the right words to say like, " Let our love for each other, flourish like these wonderful plants!




9. Cartoon/2D Accessories!



This one is a little funky. It looks as though something is drawn to be your accessory. Something like it has been photoshopped onto you, but it's real all right!




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