Top 8 Backyard Games This Summer For Kids & Adults

Summer is just around the corner! With vivid blue skies paired with bright sun rays, you’ll probably want to spend most of your time outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

You can simply sit on the porch or by the pool and catch up on your reading, but remember that you also have the option to play backyard games with friends and family and make lots of wonderful memories.

We’ve listed some fun games to help you get started:

8 Backyard Games This Summer List

Let's start with list we have prepared

1. Lawn Twister

If you’re willing to spray paint your lawn in different colors, this is a great game for you and your loved ones. Use circular stencils and four different paint colors to create a Twister mat on the lawn, then let the game begin! Have four players play on the mat at the same time to make it more challenging.

2. Lawn Scrabble

You’ll need to spend time making large Scrabble tiles (around six inches square each) but, once you’re done, you won’t have to do anything else but play. Make your lawn the Scrabble board and race against your friends to see which one gets the highest score first!

3. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Make dodge ball more summer-friendly by replacing the balls with water balloons filled with ice-cold water. Bonus points if you could make the balloons burst and get an instant refreshing shower — just don’t aim for other people’s faces to avoid injuries!

4. Balloon Darts

It’s a great way to make darts more fun and kid-friendly. Use different-colored balloons to make the game more attractive and tape them to a wall or a wooden board. You can even assign points to each color or put pieces of paper with scores written on them inside the balloons; this way, each player can collect points, and the one with the most points wins.

5. Step on Your Toes

This game involves blowing up balloons, tying one around each of your ankles and your friends’ ankles, then running around barefoot while you try to stomp out your pals’ balloons. It’s about stepping on balloons, not toes, but you can bet that most players will have sore feet at the end of the game. The player who keeps his balloons intact the longest wins.

6. Sponge Race

Divide everyone into two groups. Each group should have an empty bucket, another one filled with water, and three to five sponges. Have one person from each team stand a few feet away from the groups, then give them the full bucket and the sponges. Each person should wet the sponges and throw them to his teammates, who’ll need to catch them, wring the water into the empty bucket, and throw the sponges back. The team who fills up their bucket first wins the game.

7. Pool Treasure Hunt

This game is simple: just fill a wading pool with water, drop “treasures” (e.g. coins or small plastic toys) into it, and have everyone collect the items. You’ll need to decide if the players should grab the treasures using their mouths or their feet. You can also replace the water with flour to make the treasure hunt more interesting.

8. Outdoor Foosball

Foosball is known as an indoor game, but it can actually be played in your backyard. Just make sure to get an outdoor foosball table that’s specially built to handle the elements and can be left outside. With this unit, you and your friends can have fun playing an exciting game of foosball while enjoying the sunny skies.


Give these backyard games a try to make the most of the beautiful summer weather and have some outdoor fun with your loved ones!

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