9 Ayurvedic Health Tips For This Summer To Keep you Relax

Have you ever imagined enjoying the summer season as good as the Spring or the Autumn? Probably not because of the sweaty images of yourself walking in the sun take up the entire space your mind. Ayurvedic can let you dream of the impossible scenarios and achieve them as if Summer has come and gone. There are some tried and tested steps you need to take to keep yourself in Cloud Nine all the time in spite of how hot the summer is.

Take this as an internet challenge for this summer and follow the steps rigorously and see the outcome yourself. The basic funda of Ayurvedic to keep you cool in hot summer is the cooling down of your Pitta. Pitta is believed to be an energy responsible for proper metabolisms. If Pitta gets heated up, you sweat profusely which is the case in Summer. So the following steps are directed to keep the Pitta cool and have fun in the summer. 



1. A Walk Of Joy


You should get up early in the morning and take a walk in the open field or road when the sun is rising. It helps to activate Pitta and feel joyful throughout the day. Apart from the sun rays falling on your skin can help in the creation of Vitamin D and stimulate mood lifting hormone release. 


2. Surya Namaskar


One of the best exercises of summer according to Ayurveda is Surya Namaskar. Learn its technique and practice it every day in the morning. There is another advanced exercise where you have to gaze at the sun, but it should be done with the help of yoga master. 


3. Foods That Keep Summer Away



According to Ayurveda, you should take coconut, watermelon, leafy green food, salads and cooled parsley. You should avoid spicy food, hot drinks, alcohol, and fasting. 

4. Glass Of Salt


It is a common fact that we sweat a lot in summer and the minerals and salts pass away through our sweat. Therefore, you should add extra salt in your food and have a glass of water by mixing salt and lemon juice.


5. Drink Special Water


Apart from taking a lot of water, your should drink cucumber water before goes out in the sun. It makes you feel a cooling sensation from within for a few hours. You should also drink self-made beverages out of fruit juice.


6. Hot Oil Body Treatment


After taking a shower, take coconut oil in a small bowl and place it on the boiling water to make the oil lukewarm. Once done, apply it on your body lightly. This will keep your skin soft and cool. Unrefined or self-made coconut oil is going to act the best. 


7. Ayurvedic Lifestyle For Summer


According to Ayurveda, you should take a walk in the green park or amidst green trees once in the morning and in the evening. You should swim more and cut off stress factors by working things before the scheduled time.


8. Aromatherapy


Nothing works as good as aromatherapy. You need to take a shower and sit it a comfortable posture. Take drops of sandalwood oil and apply on the center of the eyebrow, temples, projected point of throat, belly button, middle of chest, wrist, and feet.

Just a few drops would be enough. After applying it, do some breathing exercise and feel the sweet fragrance. It will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul and a cooling sensation will burst forth within you. 


9. Sleep On The Right Side


You should sleep after 11 p.m. because it is believed that the heat of the sun vanishes by then. But you need to get up early which is before sunrise. You can take a nap here and there through the day. Most important, sleep to your right side.


Do not miss to follow the step this entire summer and you would definitely say with pride that for once in your life, you would miss the summer season and wait for it to come back. 



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