13 Awesome Uses of Virtual Reality You Did Not Know

Are you tired of watching virtual reality headlines 2016 and 2017? Well, it is just getting started, and by 2020, it could become a market worth $30 billion. According to an estimation, 500 million VR headsets could be bought by users by 2025. Already, we have Microsoft Hololens, Facebook Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive as VR headsets.

Do you know Google's VR app Cardboard has already been downloaded 10 million times? The startups are going crazy on Virtual Reality app and software development. Amidst all these, here are the 13 amazing uses of virtual reality you need to know about.



1. Training Employees



Walmart has already started using virtual reality technology to train their workers about various real life scenarios and how to handle them effectively. 


2. Curing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Currently, 8 million people are suffering from PTSD, and they cannot ever explain to the doctors what they are going through. This is where virtual reality is being used to create a certain scenario and let the patients react so that their behaviors could be studied and cured accordingly. 

3. Making Dental Operation Less Painful



Dentists are going to give their patients VR headset and play some amazing scenes while they will operate on their teeth. This will make the entire process less painful. 


4. Helping Paraplegics



Studies have shown that paraplegics people regain certain brain functions when they are made to stimulate through a virtual reality field. As they keep on practicing it every day doing virtual physical exercises, full paraplegics have improved to become partial paraplegics. 


5. Virtual Tours



We all have some dream destinations to travel, don't we? But with virtual reality, you can visit your dream destination sitting at home, and with 360 videos already available, companies are gearing up to provide virtual tourism packages which would feel like a real experience. 


6. Crime Scene Reconstruction



This has already become popular among crime investigation branches where they are using VR technology to reconstruct a certain crime scene just like going back in the past. 


7. Product Reviews


The next time you may not have to visit a showroom, you can just put on your VR headset and check all the products from all the angles sitting at your home. 


8. Distraction Therapy



It is a therapy used to distract a person from physical and mental pain, and it has become very easy with VR headsets. Based on the source of pain like loss of near ones, break up, losing a job, getting a burn, stress, and likewise, experienced representatives will give you VR videos to watch and get rid of your pain. 


9. Curing Autism



Countless kids are suffering from autism and fear of social interaction or general fear of a thing. Virtual reality can help to develop skills to interact with everyone naturally. It is also going to help job-seekers to prepare for interviews.


10. Architectural Designing



Interior designing, construction of the massive building and all such planning and plotting jobs would become extremely easy for the professionals by using virtual reality. They will be able to visualize the potential problems beforehand.

11. Virtual Partner



Virtual reality is the ultimate thing single guys and girls were waiting for, You will no more require a real partner to derive all the pleasures. Your VR headset will unleash the beast within you.

12. Military Training



Among all the different types of training, virtual reality will be a boon for military trainers where they can create virtual war zones and scenarios and react accordingly so that they can repeat the same performance in real life.


13. For Movies



The most entertaining use of VR headset will soon be available where you will feel like you are sitting in the movie theater along with other people and watch a video on the giant screen. 


Wait till 2018 to order your VR headset if you do not have one already because next year, all the smartphones will be tailor-made to support it. You will never know the unlimited possibilities of virtual reality unless you start using it.



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