14 Awesome Mehendi Designs for All Mehendi Lovers


Just to follow the trend, girls make tattoos on their hands and body as a whole but deep down they know very well that tattoo do not stand a chance in front of Mehndi designs. Yes, it is true that Tattoos will last forever and Mehendi designs will not but in life, we appreciate those things that are short-lived more than anything else. Here are some of the amazing designs to do a Mehendi and get all the attention.



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Check out These Stunning Mehendi Designs



1. Floral Design 



Flowers symbolize the power of feminine gender. It is a popular design in Punjabi and it a perfect replacement for the long tattoos that girls do on their hands. The orange and red combination will change your personality.




2. Creepers and Leaves Design



This is a trendy design which covers half of the back side of your palm including three fingers, and a long tail follows after that. 





3. Foot Border Design



It is just an outline for those girls who feel a little shy to go out in public with Mehendi. It is quite captivating and people ill instantly like your personality. You can try the same on your hands too.





4. Bracketed Design



This is an amazing design to go ahead and flaunt in public. It is very much like tattoos but with a lot of variety and gracefulness. 





5. Festivity Design



This is application only for feet and to flaunt it properly, you have to put on similar funky shoes that do not cover the area and draw attention to your feet.





6. Narrow One-Sided Design



Another perfect replacement for tattoos and it takes the least amount of space on your hand not to make it look like Mehendi for brides. Go ahead and show it to the world and get praises in baskets.





7. Scattered Design



It is a simple design to do, and it leaves behind a lot of spaces to make the whole design visible beautifully. It is for every girl out there who prefers Mehendi over a tattoo. 





8. Slanted Design





This is a very trendy design and it does not spread over your entire hand. It is very light and easy to design. It is for everyday's use and not for special occasions.





9. Classy Design



Again, it is not a messy design and best for college-goers and teenagers who love to get attention and add more beauty to their existing composition. 





10. Unmatched Design



It is a unique design where each hand will have separate designs and it will add more variety to your personality. It is very elegant and classy looking. 





11. Middle-Heavy Design



If you do not want messy designs on your finger, this one is for you. The design is heavy towards the base of your palm and extends beyond it.





12. One-Sided Heavy Design



It is a modern design, and there is clear demarcation of the design as one side is heavy and the other are almost vacant. Give a thumb up and your Mehendi will flaunt its beauty. 





13. Reptile Design For Arm 



Girls have a habit of doing a tattoo on the upper arm, and it is tailor-made for that.





14. Back Shoulder Design



It is something that will make you attractive to everyone's eye. You have to wear dresses to flaunt it perfectly and you can keep some part hidden for suspense.


Go ahead with Mehendi and diss tattoos because you can change them from time to time. 



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