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How To Attract Your Your Crush Without Speaking A Word!

We all wish that we had some special power by which we can all attract our crushes effortlessly. Well, you may not have a special power but you have the body language to make an effect on the crushes. If you make the correct use of your body language, your crushes will notice you and they will see a different side of your personality with which they are going to fall in love. Even before you can start a conversation, your crush would already have a positive impression about you and get attracted to you naturally. Here are the hacks you need to do!

Face Her –

 When your crush is around, you should speak to your friends by facing her. This will help you to make yourself visible to your crush and she is likely to notice you in details. If she sees your back, she will ignore you just like everyone else. Once you face her, an interest will grow in her if you dress perfectly and your body language is confident, you can make the impression you always wanted to make.

Pay Attention To Posture –

Women always prefer strong men who are confident. They consider them as someone who can protect them in their life and likely to produce better performance in love and lovemaking. Standing erect because hunch and slouch are negative postures.

Make Eye Contact –

When you are standing facing her, you should always try to make eye contact. Unless you can do that, you can never be sure whether your crush has noticed you or not and whether some interest has grown in her. If you can make the eye contact a few times, she will pay you the attention as girls love attention from opposite gender. Be confident and do not be shy or weird.

Eyebrow Language –

Only a few people can control their eyebrows and eyebrows are designed to seduce people and suggest your interest very subtly. You can use them to your advantage when making contact to make her laugh with a sweet smile on your face. There are various other expressions with eyebrows that you need to learn and practice to perfect.

Fix Yourself –

Well, one of the most important things for men to make an impression is their hair. You should brush your hair with your finger from time to time as it adds to your personality and creates an interest in the mind of the watcher. You may fix your hair, dress and do other subtly things to make your personality attractive.




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