Astonishing Facts That You Have to Read To Believe

Let us start with an appetizer and say that there is only one brown panda left in the world. It is not that there were many others, it is one of its kind. Thanks to its unusual color that it got famous but its parents left it because he was outcast for this unique coloration. Check out such stocks facts and events that you have never read before.

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IT Movie and Burger King –

After the end of the horror movie IT(2017), in the end, credits, you must have noticed the advert from Burger Kind reading “The Moral Of The Movie – Do Not Trust A Clown”. It is a dig at their rival McDonald’s who has a clown as the mascot.

Crew and Tails –

You will always find crows biting and pulling the tails of the other animals like cows. It is because they distract them from their food so that they can eat the food instead. The crows are one of the most intelligent birds.

Red Bananas – A Reality?

There are many who think that red bananas are genetically modified bananas and they stay away from it. However, it is naturally occurring in South African. In fact, the scientists believe that they are more beneficial than normal bananas.

The Original Mona Lisa Is Different?

The painting of Mona Lisa shown to the public is original but the colors have faded due to exposure to the natural sunlight. However, one of the students of Leonardo replicated the exact painting with colors and it is still intact.

Left or Right Part Attraction?

It is a common belief that the left part of the fact is more attractive than the part. Therefore, in most of the paintings and photoshoots, you will see the left face of the model than the right one.

Pablo Picasso – Weird or Funny?

Pablo Picasso was a very popular international painting. However, he used to carry a revolver with blanks loaded with him everywhere he went. He shot at everyone whomsoever asked him what his paintings meant.

Festival For Dogs?

Well, this is a great news for pet lovers, isn’t it? In Japan, a 5-day festival of fire is organized to worship dogs for their loyalty. In these 5 days, they also worship cows, oxen, cows and even themselves. This is as weird as it gets.

The world has unlimited secrets and surprising facts that can bewilder a person for his lifetime.

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