Are you a 90’s kid???Know these amazing 7 things you must have told your parents


1. Me Sadhi Nahi Karunga…. Aww..Is it Gamophobia????


Every 90’s kid must have told their parents not to marry in future which is very funny to think of it now. This situation must have been encountered by many of us in our childhood which is hilarious to think of it now. 






2. Main Banuga Pilot…Aspirations are too high.


Childhood days are full of aspirations and ambitions. We have decided to touch the zenith and excel in our career. However, all these aspirations fade away with the passage of time.






3. Me Kabhi Nahi Peeunga…Commitment always breaks


Everyone as a kid has learned that alcohol is injurious to health and it should not be consumed. Many of us have vowed not to consume these kinds of stuff in future ever. But these commitments are very short lived.






4. Me ghar chod dungiWe realize that there is no best place than home


Home is a place where the story of our life begins. Everyone used to call it as sweet home. But as a kid, we never understand its value and always threatens our parents to leave home if our silly demands are not fulfilled






5. Maa….Tujhe me Puri Duniya Ghumaunga…Promises are never fulfilled


In those days we always built a castle in the sky. We often make promises to do this that for our parents which are later never fulfilled. But our promise makes our parents happy for some time.






6. Smita Aunty achha khana banati he..Missing mummy’s homemade food


In childhood days we always complain regarding the food made by our Mom and always appreciate the neighbor as best cook ever. However, in the hostel, we always miss the tasty and delicious food of our mother.






7. Me koyn nahi hun papa k sadhi wale photo me??? Shh…! Got to know the reality


The silliest question we have ever asked our parents is “why I am not there in your marriage photographs”. This question must have put many of our parents in an awkward situation. But now we are expert and well aware of the answer.



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