Are we independent? The Video by this young Group is a Question to Our Society.

Independence Day is knocking the door and we all are geared up for the pomp and the show. The time you open Facebook or whatsapp it would be flooded with Independence Day wishes. I really wondered how someone could be a patriot for a single day and forget all the patriotism the very next day.

Today we are celebrating 70 years of Independence. But the question in my mind is still unanswered. Are we really independent?? The country where many Nirbhayas are raped every minute, where a doctor asks his wife to kill the girl inside her womb, where people step back or change their path upon crossing a cat and so many never ending instances shows that we are still behind the bars.

How can we be so insensitive??? Or we have acquired a reputation of being the way we are. You say??

This video can be a hint for your answer.


The video by Kachcha Chittha is all about these taboos in the society where a guy Ganapat Das aka Ganapat Bhaiya who is very superstitious and conservative. He is an individual who gets annoyed if someone calls him from the back, he changes his path or steps backward if a black cat crosses the road. He also got a problem with the passersby who is a Muslim. He is such a biased person that he insists his wife for giving birth to a boy who can be the successor of the family. If it’s a girl, then she has to be killed. The poem ends on this note. Now you need to decide about our independence.



What do you think?

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