Apple doesn’t want “us” to Repair “our” phones! We Wonder why!


Apple Inc. is planning on fighting against the 8 states that have readied bills to make the "right to repair" a law. This legislation requires Apple and other electronics manufacturers to sell spares to consumers and repair shops along with the service & diagnostic instructions being made available to them.





Apple and other tech giants have planned to stop the 8 states that have decided to pass a bill that allows consumers and other smaller service stores to repair and diagnose problems related to gadgets because they think it is "dangerous". The states that have decided to pass the bill are Tenessee, Illinois, Kansas, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Wyoming, and Nebraska. The tech giants plan on fighting the bill at court, where an Apple representative will testify against the proposed bill at the court in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 9th. Also,  AT&T will join Apple in the battle against the bill, where they argue that if the consumers are allowed to repair their devices on their own, there is a strong possibility that the lithium-ion battery might get caught on fire.



This isn't the first time that Electronics industries have lobbied against the bill. Last year, a similar bill in New York was dismissed, thanks to Apple & IBMs' hardcore lobbying. Before that incident, the Minnesota lawmakers were turned when they were told that the broken glass from display screens could harm those trying to repair them. 




While the industry is trying hard to take complete control over the repair industry, the bills to repair your own devices are backed by which is an association of independent repairmen, who argue that their business has been jeopardized by the manufacturing industries trying to take control. They argue that even without official service manuals or parts, from websites like iFixit, people and repairmen alike have been fixing their devices without much fuss.


The plan is to introduce bills simultaneously in several states, unlike the last year, where the companies lobbied the only state that tried to bring the law, New York. A similar situation ensued in Massachusetts when a right to repair law with regard to automobiles became a national legislation and automobile manufacturers budged, rather than fight similar legislations all over the country.



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