Alert!! These Daily Habits Are Killing Your Brain Silently!


There are many daily habits that we have in our busy life whose consequences are not visible in short duration of time. Hence, we carry on with them without realizing that a permanent brain damage scenario is waiting for us behind our back. Today, we are going to tell you the most common daily habits which we take for granted but they are killing our brain slowly and silently.


1. Skipping Breakfast




A lot of children who are school and college goers tend to skip breakfast because they get up very late in the morning and they hardly have any time to eat. The same is true for working men as well who sleep late at night and wake up very late in the morning and leave for office without having anything. This deprives the brain of nutrition and brain damage is inevitable. 




2. Skipping Night Sleep 




There are a lot of people who have to solve assignments even at home especially when the deadline of a project is coming close. They skip night's sleep to complete their work. Similarly, children skip night's sleep before the exams and in turn, they are damaging their brain because the lack of sleep kills brain cells. 




3. Smoking 




Smoking causes cancer and kills people. Apart from that, smoking causes shrinkage of the brain and over the time period, it is the cause behind Alzheimer disease. Why would you consume something to kill yourself?




4. Overeating




This may sound crazy but it is a fact that overeating causes hardening of the arteries in the brain. Hardening of arteries leads to less memory retention and reasoning sense. 




5. Air Pollution




Brain is that organ is the body which consumes the maximum enough of oxygen in the entire body. So, it is very important to breathe fresh air all the time. Air pollution reduces oxygen percent in air and thus, your brain will get less amount of oxygen and it leads to less proper functioning.




6. High Sugar Consumption




High sugar consumption causes diabetes and heart problem. It also makes your body incapable of absorbing nutrients and proteins. The less nutrient your body absorbs, the less will be your brain development.




7. Head Covering 




There are many people who have the habit of covering their head while sleeping in the winter season. Just like air pollution, it cuts off the oxygen content of air intake and leading to brain damage.




8. Lack Of Conversation




In this world of the digital medium, people have most of the conversation on social media platforms. This has led to less of face to face talk and intellectual conversations. Thinking, imagination and intelligent chats are the food for your brain.




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