Alas ! Its Painful!!! Awe-Inspiring tips to curb mood swing during periods..


Listen to your body….. Is it saying something??? Oh yes, it seems like volcanic eruptions downstairs. Sometimes she is jolly and in the next hour she is showing temper tantrums over pretty things. However, don’t blame poor periods for that. It is the hormones that plays and our emotions go for a roller coaster ride. She should be handled properly in those days or else she will attack you as a tenacious tigress!!!… Well, here I am with some tips to control your moody mood…


1. Pamper yourself


This is the best time to spend time with oneself. Give some time to relax with a body massage or foot massage. These therapies can give you calmness during those days of the month.






2. Eat properly


Proper intake of food can curb your mood swing. Take food rich in carbohydrate and protein. Do not take snacks during your periods or else it will make the situation worse.





3. Change your pad or tampon regularly


Be cautious to change your pad from time to time. As it will keep you in a good mood and keeps you less worried about stain and odors.





4. Hot packs


This is the best therapy to get a relief from cramps. You can keep these packs in the lower abdomen for 10-15 mins. It soothes the pain and makes you relaxed which ultimately curbs your mood swing and keeps you calm.





5. Green tea


This is the best mind changing tonic which can keep your cramps under control. It makes you active and your mood changes with the sip of tea.





6. Exercise


Doing exercise can make you active. During work out the body releases sweat which keeps the body temperature cool. Exercise also releases mood-boosting endorphin which makes your mood jolly  





7. Terminate the intake of alcohol and caffeine


Though you are habituated with the intake of all these stuff, however, you have to stop all these for a span of time in those days. These kinds of stuff could be hazardous and lead to tummy cramps



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