15 Absolutely Amazing Dog Facts You Should Know


You ever wonder why there is such a strong bond between dogs and humans? That is because dogs were the very first species to be domesticated by humans and such a long relationship with humans has made dogs' behavior attuned to that of humans.

They are loyal, trustworthy, empathetic, protective, huggable and most of all, never leave your side, no matter what. Some even say "We wretched humans do not deserve the pure love that is of dogs'".


While some of that is true, and although we do not deserve dogs we certainly need them to support us in our meaningless lives. A dog closely resembles the modern wolf but isn't exactly a derivative of wolves, but the two species did share a common ancestor which is now extinct. Read on to find out the fascinating aspects about this majestic creature.



Check out the amazing dog facts which you and your kids must know about


1. High Blood Pressure? No problem



Dogs are said to be pacifists, and by petting a dog, you could literally lower your levels of stress and tension. The next time you have a high-stress moment sit down and spend some time with your pooch.


2. Curled-up mutt



Do you know why dogs curl up and form a cute ring with their body when they sleep? That is an age-old instinctive nature, developed to protect their vital organs in case of a surprise attack, and also to keep warm.


3. Away from your dog and don't want to get it anxious while you're gone?



If you are going to be away from your beloved puppy for a few hours or even days and don't want it to get jumpy, try leaving a considerably smelly (with your scent) clothing behind with it. That's going to soothe the little one. Also, you need to be careful as dogs have a tendency to scatter things here and there, this is one of the facts that the dog owners have to face.


4. Magnetic poop?



Did you know that dogs tend to poop in line with the mega-magnetic field of the Earth? Nobody knows why they line their asses this way!


5. Jelly much!



Dogs do not like it when their humans show affection towards other dogs or any other creature for that matter. If you have a dog you would have made this observation a long, long time ago.


6. Medical specialists – not just dogs for the blind



Dogs have such a heightened sense of smell that they can detect odor emitted by internal changes in the human body. They can detect seizures before they happen, high or low levels of insulin (diabetes) and more.


7. No sweat glands but still sweat



It is true that dogs do not have sweat gland on their bodies, EXCEPT in between their toes. That is why you see dogs always panting, with their tongues hanging about their mouths.


8. Better vision at night



Although dogs see a lot less color than the humans, they can see better and sharper than us during the night. Not as well as cats, but out little monsters too, have great sight during the night.


9. Tail-chase might be a reason to worry



A dog chases its tail and spins around for a variety of reasons. It might be due to excitement, joy, playfulness, curiosity or even FLEAS. If your dog goes for its tail frequently then a visit to the vet is advisable. Some dog owners teach this trick to their dogs to get noticed and appraised by their guests.


10. Dogs dream too you know!



The twitching, the sleep-running, and rapid eye movement (REM) are all too similar to the characteristics that we humans show during our sleep, of dreams. A dog is dreaming too when he or she displays such things in sleep.


11. Dogs are 72% of your weatherman



Some studies have shown that dogs can predict a storm correctly about 72% of the time. Guess it is best to keep an umbrella handy when old Teddy is acting all barky.


12. Three layers of eyelids



All dogs have three layers of eyelids. The outer layer, the middle layer and another third, inner layer that helps keep the dogs' eyes moist during all that erratic running around.


13. Ever noticed your dog's WET nose and their frequent quick licks?



Dogs' noses are always wet. This is because they secrete a slim layer of mucus and allow it to cover their noses. This enables them to absorb the scent and also when the dog does a quick lick of its nose, it is also tasting the dissolved smell.


14. No guilt, no regret 



There is no such this as guilt in a dog's small array of emotions (which is mostly occupied by happiness when you're around). That submissive, crouchy-walk towards you when you're scolding it is only to impress you, not out of remorse.


15. Dogs' own fingerprint



Just like human fingerprints, dogs too have a unique identifiable feature, nose print. Each dog has its own unique pattern of creases and crevices on the tip of its nose, and the uniqueness is so distinct that it could be used to identify one dog from another.


That ends our list of absolutely amazing facts about dogs. Amazed? Let us know in the comments and reactions sections below



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