Back in the day, getting inked was a matter of great meaning and purpose, or to look cool AF cheeky. Although it goes unsaid that tatoos are something permanent and not to mention they cost you a sum of money. If you're not careful enough or are downright dumb you're most likely to wind up like these people who ended up with such wonderful (sarcasm!) tattoos!



1. Maybe this person is retarded, that's the only reasonable explanation for this abomination!





2. Your mom will always be your angel, ANGEL DAMN IT!





3. Why, just WHY? IT GETS better!




4. This is what you get for plastering your girlfriend's face on you body, after the break-up that is! 





5. Just so you don't get the two sides mixed up!





6. We don't think these people have the faintest idea of the functions of an ANCHOR ⚓! 





7. Do they do this on purpose?





8. Run Brenda! RUN FAST, RUN FAR!





9. Your dead what? wife, husband, highschool english teacher?





10. We think this person values his PEN a lot!





11. God, I hope she says no to this numbnut! 





12. Ahhh, now I get what he wants! or not!indecision





13. Instant REGERTS, I mean REGRETS!