9 Simplest And Delicious Recipes That You Can Make from Leftover Rice !!

It's literally the toughest job for a housewife to manage with leftover food. As it's not an easy task to cook food in an appropriate proportion. Just relax and give a crisp to your new dish prepared from leftover rice. Check out these amazing mouth watering recipes 


1. Fried Rice


Fried rice is very popular and delicious food for everyone. The smell of garlic along with different veggies is really mouth watering for many of us. Know how you can utilize your leftover rice into a delicious item.







2. Stuffed Pepper


This is the best food for vegetarians. The basic ingredients of this recipe are mushroom, Feat, Greek seasoning, onion etc. This can be an ideal food for lunch or dinner.








3. Rice Pudding


It is a homely recipe and regarded as the oldest dessert. This is a very tasty recipe usually taken after dinner or lunch. The main ingredients of this recipe are rice , milk and other dry fruits.








4. Curd Rice


Curd rice is the best ever food for south Indians. The leftover rice can be easily used as curd rice with a very simple recipe. Curd, curry leaves, and rice are the basic ingredients.









5. Cutlet


Rice vegetable patties is a mouth watering dish and can be taken as snacks during the tea time in the evening. This is a very old and very popular recipe. Everyone learn this recipe to make the best use of leftover rice.








6. Lemon rice


This is a very popular and fan favorite recipe in south India. This item is rich in vitamin C and helps someone to fight against flu and cold. The main ingredients are Rice, Lemon, curry leaves etc.









7. Rice Dosa


Again dosa is a very common south Indian dish which is very tasty and crispy. It is commonly a pancake with basic ingredients of rice and black lentils. The taste of dose is doubled when taken with chutney or sambar.









8. Akki Roti


It is a very famous recipe from Karnataka. The essence of cumin seeds, onion and green chilies with the leftover rice adds wonder to the dish. Make this delicious Roti from leftover rice and surprise your family.







9. Cooked Rice Idli


Worried for leftover rice??? Here is the  solution to have a breakfast with spongy idlis. This recipe is very easy and could be prepared with ingredients available at homes such as rava and curd.The yummy breakfast is definitely going to lift the mood of your family.





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