9 Powerful Weapons in the World That Are Yet To Be Fired!


Weapons are the worst invention for human beings. Every country manufactures or buys modern weapons from time to time to strength their defense system. There are many Powerful weapons that never get utilized and it is a boon that they never saw the action because they have the potential to change the outcome of a war in a matter of minutes. Read about the 13 most destruction weapons that are yet to be utilized. 



1. "Bat" – Horten HO 229




This is a German fighter plane that can cover the distance from Germany to New York without getting detected by the radar system.  It is designed to drop bombs on rival cities secretly.




2. XB-70 Valkyrie




This plane can enter enemy's territory without getting shot down because of its perfect sheath design. It is super fast and thus, it cannot be hunt down by enemy's fighter planes.




3. F-22 Raptor




This fighter plane takes nearly 450 million dollars to build and it is a product of US Air Force. No Fighter plane can match its efficiency in performance and design and it is capable of disabling electric power in the nearby plane. 




4. Excalibur Space Laser




Building this weapon nearly bankrupted the Soviet Union. This weapon can hunt any missile on Earth and destroy it completely. As a matter of fact, it can also derail fighter planes.




5. Nuclear ICBMs




It is designed to get used during World War 3 and it is made by the US but luckily it never got used. Its nukes have the potential to wipe out multiple cities at a time.




6. Japanese I-4000 Submarine





It was designed to carry aircraft and launch it whenever needed. It was the first submarine of its kind. Japanese built it during World War to attack the US. 




7. Lun-Class Ekranoplan




This is one of the biggest inventions as far as weapon and fighter plane goes. Even after being quite heavier than any other fighter plane, it can fly at 360 miles per hour. It can carry enough nukes to wipe all the cities of any country. It can fly very low and above the water surface to destroy any submarine.




8. Tsar Bomba Hydrogen Bomb





Russia owns this deadly weapon which is considered to be the most destructive weapon in the world by some experts. It can kill anybody within a radius of 100 miles and people beyond 100 miles can become disoriented.




9. Davy Crockett M-28 Nuclear Rifle



This rifle was not approved by NATO to be used in war because they feared that it could start a full-time nuclear war. It can kill anybody in the radius of 5 miles. If the wind is strong, it can kill the shooter as well.




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