9 Natural tips to Stop Stomach Bloating Instantly


Feeling bloated in the early morning certainly puts one off. Although there are various medications for it but have you tried these 9 natural ways to beat the bloating? If not, just click through our page to know more about it.




1.Triphala Water



The very ancient Indian method of soaking a teaspoonful of Harad, Baheda and Amla to a tall glass of water and straining and drinking the water in the early morning in an empty stomach certainly fights back bloating.












2.Sabja Seeds or Sweet Basil Seeds


Those who hate Triphala water can consume Luke warm water mixed with the pious tulsi seed  or Sabja seeds as it tends to cleanse your gut and relief bloating.








3.Chewing Roasted fennel seeds



Chewing roasted fennels after a meal can stop bloating.









4.Turmeric Goli



Raw turmeric grinded and formed in the shape of small golis or tablets eaten in empty stomach with warm water can beat bloating in an effective way.








5.Anise Seed with Water


Drink anise seed soak in water after a meal and it will definitely calm the stomach and ease the bloating.







6.Apple Cider Vinegar


Add 2 tsp. of ACV in a glass of water and drink half an hour before meal. You will feel relaxed.








Parsley is excellent for fresh breath, and tremendously effective for digestion as well. It decreases bloating, gas, the excess water, and excess salt build-up in the body because it signifies influential natural diuretic.













Papaya is extremely powerful in the elimination of bloating, gas and excess water.










Banana has all the potassium that helps relieve water retention,so eat a banana everyday in your breakfast.





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