9 Epic Old School Rock Bands you must, Must, MUST listen to!


They say Old is Gold and the music scenario of today is one of the reasons that make the saying so darn true. The classic, old school rock is synonymous to the gold of music and all the rock lovers would gladly and proudly agree on that. Well, what to say, everyone must listen to the old-school rock to get aware of the real music, not some pop-crap. If you are inclined towards listening to the most amazing genre of music, these are 9 old school rock bands you MUST listen to!



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1. The Beatles


Beatles is one of the earliest rock bands, often associated with the title of being the first rock band ever. Beatles started the era of rock music that changed the music scene like nothing else! Setting a high standard for the epicness, Beatles was an era in itself, and I guess still is?


Must Listen To: Hey Jude | Let It Be | Love Me Do








2. Led Zeppelin


Ah! The classic rock 'n' roll, the love! Zeppelin has blessed the world with the Stairway to Heaven, and literally so! This song and others can really bust your stress and make you live in the temporary heaven on earth. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, rings a bell?


Must Listen To: Stairway to Heaven | Kashmir | Immigrant Song








3. Pink Floyd


Floyd. Favorite. Psychedelic. High. Floyd. This band is a favorite among the high and sober alike, thanks to the beauty that they create. The concepts, the riffs, the lyrics, everything is just so amazing about this band, it's almost claustrophobic to think of their awesomeness.


Must Listen To: Another Brick in the Wall | Comfortably Numb | Wish You Were Here








4. Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam is not just a cute sounding band, but is the real deal of rock music! Any friend of yours who is into Pearl Jam is only going to go into serenity hearing its name. What more, the vocalist of this band is Eddie Vedder and you want to hear this band to know what that means!


Must Listen To: Black | Alive | Jeremy








5. Iron Maiden


Maiden personifies epicness. Period.


Must Listen To: Fear Of The Dark | Dance Of Death | Hallowed Be Thy Name








6. The Doors


Must have heard of Jim Morrison? Seen his posters in cafes and such? Aha, the sexiness is the vocalist of the band The Doors. The rebellious Jim Morrison, although being the star, is not the only reason why this band is so popular. Well, you gotta listen to it!


Must Listen To: Light My Fire | Riders On The Storm | People Are Strange








7. Black Sabbath


This is the first rock metal band of the world and if you are a starter, you probably want to keep this band for later. Ignoring it is not an option, though, for this is another standard-setter, trend-setter and music-setter band with some great, great music.


Must Listen To: Iron Man | NIB | Paranoid








8. Rolling Stones


Talking about the Old-is-Gold-Bands, we have to talk about Rolling Stones, one of the best and oldest rock bands of the world and with the touch of Blues in their music, this is definitely a band to follow with all your heart.


Must Listen To: Sympathy For The Devil | Blue And Lonesome | Gimme Shelter








9. Queen


Sometime or the other, you can be sure to have heard the song “We will-We will-Rock you!” and thank the “Queen” for this brilliant song and the others! Fashion fiestas of that time, this rock band has a different music altogether. Don’t miss out on this one!


Must Listen To: Bohemian Rhapsody | We Will Rock You | Another One Bites The Dust





Get your headphones on and fall in love with the evergreen, classic rock bands every day, and again! Do put down your comments and let us know your thoughts about the rock bands that you like. Don’t stop the music. Cheers!



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