Serious Gamer ?? 9 Sports Video Games That You Should Play In 2017



If you're an avid sports fan, and follow all kinds of sports, right from Formula 1 to American Football you might be interested in taking it a notch higher and experiencing the thrill of playing those games yourself. Here is a list of the upcoming Sports-Games to give you the experience of playing as your beloved hometown heroes.


1. Pro-Evolution Soccer 2017 & FIFA 17 



Release date: Sept. 13, 2016 & Sept. 27, 2016


PES and FIFA are two of the most cutting edge games out there for football lovers. Both these games offer high-end graphics with in-game players resembling the actual ones, realistic game physics, player creation, Adaptive AI, Match Analysis and to top it all Edit & Data-Sharing between consoles (PS4). FIFA goes a step further and adds a storyline to the game as well!




2.  NHL 17



Release Date: Sept. 13, 2016


To an ice-hockey fan, NHL doesn't need any introductions. EA has come up with a bigger and much better-looking Hockey game than ever. Various 'modes' to suit the players, training arena, several new moves for celebration is just a few of the cornucopia of features this game has to offer.




3. Gran Turismo Sport



Release Date: 2017


GT Sport as it's called is one of the upcoming games for the PS4. Developed by Polyphony Digital & published by Sony, it is touted to be the best racing game out there. Along with fantastic looking cars, It includes 'Arcade,'  'Campaign,' & 'Sports' Modes. Both offline and online play will be available. To top it all, get the actual driving experience as this game is said to be VR compatible!




4. Don Badman Cricket 17



Release Date: December 22, 2016


After the release of Don Bradman Cricket 16 at the end of 2015, it was showered with numerous accolades and was ever since regarded as the best cricket game there is. Now, BigAnt studios are refining and remodeling the game with added features such as stadium creator, career mode as an existing player, logo editors, numerous new types of batting styles, and playing with different county teams and so on in addition to the extant career mode, tournaments, custom match settings and others.




5. NBA 2K17



Release Date: Sept. 20, 2016


It's the official Basketball simulation game, developed by Visual Concepts. It allows one to play as a single player (career mode), MyGM & MyLeague which permit the creation of franchises controlling entire basketball organizations & MyTeam where the player creates his own team to compete against other players' teams.




6. WWE 2K17



Release Date: Oct. 11, 2016


Being the 18th installment in the WWE game series, vast improvements have been made over the 2K16 edition. Rosters, for the 1st time, have been introduced in this version, NXT versions of the game and a MyCareer mode to get into the ring as yourself in addition to playing as your favorite WWE superstars. 2K revealed that many more starts will be available soon as DLC content.




7.  MLB The Show 17



Release Date: Mar. 28, 2017


Baseball enthusiasts, fret not! The latest edition of Major Baseball League will the hit the open stands soon. Apart from the usual, features include interesting interactions with other players in the locker room! well.




8. Madden NFL 17



Release Date: Aug. 23, 2016


The new Madden Americal Football game has proven to be one of the best Am-football games out there. With a redesigned franchise mode, a move prompt to teach new moves to form the Ball Carrier, better announcers and the like. Overall it's a pretty good upgrade from the 16 version of the game.




9. The Golf Club 2



Release Date: Q1 2017


Since the critically acclaimed Golf Club in 2014, there wasn't anything to rattle the proverbial chicken. Now HB Studios have come up with a worthy successor in the form of Golf Club 2. It features player creator, golf societies, career mode, enormous improvements in the gameplay and physics and multiplayer. Golf said to be a lazy sport, is about to make golfers even lazier with a high-quality game such as this one.


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