9 Bizarre Facts of life you Never Knew About


Life is the most beautiful gift that we have. Life is a blend of happiness, sadness and several other emotions that rule every individual at the certain point of time. In the daily course of time, life takes away and gives us certain things that at are sometimes too quick or too slow that we cannot perceive it through our senses.


Suppose you are walking on the road all alone and you met a stranger. You both looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, and suddenly you feel deeply for the person. You discard the feeling thing its weird, but it is as natural as sunrise. Again have you ever wondered why do you want your parents or close persons to hug you at the time when you are in pain? It is because hugging releases stress and works like natural painkillers. All these might surprise you but there are a lot of unnatural things happen around us every day, and we cannot frame any reason. However, each of these incidents has a reason and happens for a cause.


Discussed below are 9 certain facts of life that you faced but never knew why:



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1. Monogamous Relationship prevails in animal kingdoms too




We, humans, consider ourselves to be the only loyal and faithful species when it comes to love, but monogamous relationships are very common in swans, wolves, gibbons, black vultures and several other species. So the next time you feel like cheating on your partner think how faithful is these animals to their partners and withdraw your idea.




2. It’s all a 4 minutes thing




You don’t actually need months and days to know whether you like a person or not. It just takes as quick as 4 minutes to know whether you like a person or not.. So if you are planning to impresses, someone soon makes sure the first four minutes are the best time to impress him or her. This is the real facts of life.




3. Gazing at your lover synchronizes your heartbeat




You must have felt the desire to be forever in love with your partner at times when you both gaze at each other. It is simply because your heart rates have been synchronized. So, now you know why you love gazing at each other so much as both your heart and eyes reciprocate the same amount of love the other person is feeling.




4.  Looking at pictures of your loved ones, release pain




It was long known the fact that the company of a noteworthy person of your life has a lot to do with your physical improvement when you are unwell. It is also seen that when patients are shown pictures of their beloved, they are relieved of their physical pains.  





5.   Similar couples do not last




Since we were kids, we know that opposite attracts. So if and your beloved are poles apart know your bond is the best and is everlasting although the ones who are similar in nature might be happy at first but initially would fall apart. Weird fact but yes it’s true.





6. Heartbreaks are no Metaphors




You can even die of heartbreak. You might not believe it, but research has proved that traumatizing events like a break-up, divorce, the death of a loved one or physical separation and even betrayal cause physical pain around the area of the heart. If the pain increases, there are chances that you might have a cardiac arrest. So, think twice before you break someone’s, heart.





7. Romantic love ends,to welcome committed love




You do not get committed as soon as you fall in love, it takes a certain time. Romantic love is characterized by euphoria, dependence, sweaty palms, butterflies and similar lasts a few years before you actually get committed. The evolution is linked with prominent neurotrophin protein levels in new couples.





8.   Attraction for face and not body




You definitely know you have genuine feelings for a person when the face of the person interests you more than his or her physique. Studies show that if you do not care about a person’s physical structure and care about his or her face you have a longer term relation with the person.





9. Butterflies actually exist in stomach




When you are a way beyond happy or on the 9th cloud you are well aware of what the butterflies do to your stomach. They actually exist and are produced by adrenaline that floods your body during stages of excitement.


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