9 annoying things Newly Married Couple Used to Do on Social Media


Love is definitely an immortal feeling that binds two souls into marriage. Initial days after marriage are very special and memorable for every couple. Needless to mention, now-a-days couple are obsessed with social media. Their obsession for social media is creating a mess in the feeds.


1.Inevitable marriage Pictures


The real celebration after marriage is posting the pictures of your wedding party on social media. It’s not about 4-5 pictures, it’s all about the whole album.






2. ‘Likes’ obsession


No. of likes can determine the popularity of a person. So, fewer likes are very upsetting for the couples.






3. Hashtag# determines worth of a post


Oh God!!! Literally, couples are obsessed with hashtags too. #lovingwife #feelingawsome #happytime #luckyme . What the hell is this?? #stop #itsirritating






4. Every second counts to celebrate


ooOoo !!!  Too desperate to wait till one year. Let’s celebrate the monthly anniversary.

 New post- celebrating the first month of marriage anniversary.






5. Love show off


Nothing Private….Why chat in private??? Texting can be done in the timeline. Showing off your love can make you the sweetest couple in spicy gossips.







6. OMG!!! Honeymoon Pics….


The coziness in the picture can determine the deep love within the couple. So, post the best-clicked picture in social media and it goes viral. Ahaan…. Never ever forget to mention the place.






7. Status update can reveal their love


Exhibiting your love publicly is trending now. So, accept the trend and Go Trendy………..






8. Finally got tattooed


How can this stuff will leave out? Doing tattoo of their soul mate’s name on their body is not less than an achievement.






9. Weekend Fun….. 


Last but not the least…. Posting the weekend fun snaps on late Sunday which buzzes in the timeline on Monday morning. Arrgghhh…it’s like rubbing on my face of my boring weekend.





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