Because some words have the power to move you.



1. Christopher Poindexter



Instagram:@christopherpoindexter / Via Instagram.com


Because troubled writers spout out the most meaningful words. Christopher like many of us has struggled with himself, the fight is still on and is reflected in his words. He writes a lot about the society and it just hits home.




2. RM Drake



Instagram:@rmdrk / Via Instagram.com


With over a million followers on Instagram, RM Drake also has a huge celebrity following. He writes about love, strength, and loneliness. He also has a lot of best-selling books under his belt.




3. Beau Taplin



Instagram:@beautaplin / Via Instagram.com


Taplin’s work is something that you take a screenshot of and send it to your love, it’s that beautiful. This young writer spews out words that are super relatable.



4. Rupi Kaur



Instagram:@rupikaur_ / Via Instagram.com


She’s a Toronto-based writer and artist. Her poetry beautifully captures strong themes like femininity, love, loss and healing. She often holds readings of her book ‘Milk and Honey’ and her Instagram account is a visual treat.



5. Tiffany Trivett




Instagram:@tntrivett / Via Instagram.com


Tiffany or TN Trivett words strike a chord with the hearts. In her own words, her passion is a book designed to explore what it means to be a woman of substance in North America.



6. Tyler Knott Gregson



Instagram:@tylerknott / Via Instagram.com


Tyler Knott Gregson posts a mesmerizing haiku on love daily on his Instagram account. He has also written a beautiful book “”Chasers of the light” which went on to become a bestseller.



7. Amanda Torroni



Instagram:@amandatorroni / Via Instagram.com


Amanda’s work is deep and raw. It’s the literary equivalent of a hurricane. Her unique way of writing makes her different from the rest of the writers out there.




8. Harnidh Kaur



Instagram:@iharnidh / Via Instagram.com


Though not as famous as other people on this list, Kaur’s poetry is awe worthy. A student of Policy science, her work has a political edge to it. She has also compiled her poems into a book.