8 ways India is becoming more transgender friendly


Everyday we berate our nation for being ‘narrow-minded’ or ‘not progressive enough’, so experiencing India becoming more tolerant and even welcoming towards transgenders is like a breath of fresh air.


1. 6 pack band



Source: The guardian


The band is made up of 6 transgender people and is India’s first transgender band. They already have more than a million views on their videos on YouTube featuring biggies like Sonu Nigam, Hrithik Roshan and more.




2. Recognition of the third gender



Source: edu-leaders


Indian government recognized transgender as the third gender in a paradigm shifting ruling in 2014.




3. Mazhavi saree collection



Source: Popdiaries


Sharmila Nair, a Kerela based fashion designer recently used transgender models to showcase her saree collection Mazhavi. After this, Sharmila noticed an unexpectedly high upsurge in saree orders.




4. First Transgender mayor



Source :Indianexpress


In 2015, the district Raigarh elected India’s first transgender mayor Madhu, who beat her opponent by around 4500 votes. What’s amazing is that her assistant is also a transgender.




5. First transwoman college principal



Source: ibnlive


ManabiBandopadhyay became world’s first transgender college principal when she gained control of the Krishnagar Women’s College in West Bengal. Benchmark setting, isn’t it?




6. Transgender Television anchor



Source: YouTube


Padmini Prakash became India’s first transgender anchor of a television show in Southern India. And the cherry on the cake is that she started anchoring on India’s 68th Independence day.




7. Representation in the UN



Source: Hindustan Times


Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008. She also has her own organization Astitva that protects the welfare of sexual minorities.




8. Bollywood



Source: Wedio


Although Bollywood’s representation of homosexuality and transgender people has been downright stereotypical, it is home to transgender actors and actresses like Bobby Darling who won the award for best-supporting actress in the Monaco film festival. Shahrukh Khan was also seen shaking a leg with the 6 pack band during the promotions of his movie Fan.

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