8 Simple Things That Can Change Your Unhealthy Lifestyle!

It has been found by a decade-long survey that 70% of the human death is due to unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle promotes health problems and severe sickness cannot be treated that easily as the body does not respond to various healing techniques and even medicines. The modernization of technology is widely responsible for this unhealthy lifestyle to which we get addicted. One can also call it as the side effects of modern gadgets and here are the common habits you should change after understanding the logic.

1. Fasting Magic –

There are many people who are against fasting but fasting occasionally can actually boost your immune system. If a person fasts for several days in a year, the body starts to use the reserved glucose, fat, and ketones. As a matter of fact, a large number of leukocytes are destroyed which are renewed again. Furthermore, the hormones that are linked with aging decrease in level. Go ahead and do fasting a few days occasionally when you are totally healthy.

2. Dark Sleep –

Any exposure to light while sleeping can lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. It can disrupt the biological clocks and the secretion of melatonin can decrease. You should use total black curtains in the bedroom or eye-band for sleeping.

3. Cleaning Spray –

Most of the women or maids use cleaning sprays to clean glasses and various other household items. But these cleaning sprays contain aerosols and nebulizers which travel inside our lungs through our breath. Scientists have found that this continuous exposure to lungs can decrease the life of women by 20 years and cause various lungs issues.

4. Optimistic Thoughts –

Heart problems are common across the world and more than 50% of the deaths across the world are due to heart issues. It has been found that optimist people are less prone to health issue as positive mood lessen the release cortisol and adrenaline that are associated with anxiety and stress.

5. Coffee and Girls –

Girls who take too much of coffee a day can cause shrinking of breasts. 3 cups of per day can make your breast look compact and unattractive. Instead, you can have cups of tea. If your breast is not growing naturally and if it is somewhat reducing, coffee is to be blamed.

6. Being Single –

Contrary to the greed of single people to get into a relationship, it has been found that staying single can make you look attractive. People who are in relationships, they are less likely to care about their health and weight. They put the least effort in comparison to single people who do everything to look great. The reason is couple eat too much while single people eat with family and hence, eat less. This sounds stupid but it is a fact.

7. Daily Internet Use –

It has been found that a person who accesses the internet daily is likely to be happier than the one who cannot use it. Your mind stays engaged while accessing the internet and you stay updated while lack of internet connectivity what makes you anxious about what happens in the digital world.

8. Sleeping Naked –

Sleeping naked is better than sleep in pajamas. It keeps your body at an optimal temperature and prevents sleeping disorder. This boosts the immune system, prevents aging, keeps your skin healthy and much more.

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