8 Rumored Features Of iPhone 8 To Be Launched in 2017


2017 is the tenth anniversary of iPhone and Apple is planning something really big for its fans. iPhone has always surprised us with innovative features and Apple as a whole is the most innovative smartphone company in the world. But iPhone 8 rumored features can kill all the competitors forever and it is going to be something that will completely change the experience of smartphone users. 


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1. Edge-To-Edge OLED Display




It has been in rumored for many years now and finally, this year's iPhone 8 will incorporate this amazing feature of an edge-to-edge display. This means that there will be no space at all on edge and the entire front side of the phone will be the screen. It will increase the size of the screen an inch at least.




2. Flexible Display




All glass phones are already available in the market but what would be really cool is to have a flexible display. Since this is the 10th Anniversary of iPhone, Apple could drop this never seen before feature to kill all its competitors. You can bend the phone as you like.




3. Transparent Screen




Some reports are suggesting that instead of flexible iPhone 8, it can be transparent like the way you see in Sci-fi movies. If that hits the market, be sure that people who were not willing to buy iPhone due to price issue, they will literally sell their belongings to buy it.





4. Full Proof Water Resistance




It is said that iPhone 8 is going to break the world record in terms of how much time it can stay submerged in water. Experts are saying that Apple has already started its research and with iPhone 8 you can go to bath or swimming as well.





5. Augmented Reality




Augmented reality is in trend now with the popular gaming apps like Pokemon Go but the technology is not yet available for common mass. Apple is looking forward to bring AR to everyone's reach with iPhone 8. This would be truly revolutionary and this iPhone 8, you can enjoy the thrill of virtual reality wherever you go.





6. Gesture Recognition




iPhone 8 could be the dream come true for sci-fi movie lovers. Apple is reported designing an iPhone which would be able to read your hand and facial gesture and work at your command. Apple Siri made a breakthrough in voice recognition, it is time to make another breakthrough. 





7. Wireless Charging




Wireless charging has now become a common feature of Android phones but Apple is yet to introduce it. It is quite certain that iPhone 8 will have it.





8. Revolutionary Camera




Iphone 8 is supposed to do away with the home button and the touch ID fingerprint sensor. As a matter of fact, it might not have a front camera explicitly. If reports are to be believed, iPhone 8's display screen will have integrated front camera and fingerprint sensor. This could be a killer blow for Samsung, Google, Huawei and other competitors. 


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