8 Bizarre Pythons Who Swallowed More Than They Could Eat!!


Pythons are the largest snakes in the world, and everyone is well-aware of their eating habits. They are swallow anything that is double their size with ease. But at times, out of overconfidence, they swallow a few animals and items that they could not even digest properly and then the tragic result followed. Let us read about those bizarre cases about pythons swallowing the unthinkable.



1. Swallowing Another Python




The natural food for pythons are rats and other such animals. But in a fight between two pythons, one Python happens to swallow the other python alive after injuring it. Unfortunately, none of the pythons were able to survive in the process of fighting and overeating.





2.  Swallowing Porcupine




Well, you can almost imagine the scenario. This is another case of over-confidence, a python swallowed an entire porcupine, but the pointed ends of the porcupine made deep cuts in the snake. The forest officials had to cut open the snake to take out the porcupine, and none of them survived. 





3. Swallowing Centipede




A young python had swallowed a centipede which had a weight more than the snake itself. The centipede made a deep hole inside the snake and then got out of the body of the snake through that hole. The young python died while the centipede went back to normal living.





4. Swallowing Electric Blanket




This is a bizarre case where a python happened to swallow a 7 feet long electric blanket that weighed around 60 pounds. The python had to undergo surgery to remove the blanket successfully.





5. Swallowing A Pig




Can you imagine a python swallowing an entire pig? Unfortunately, pythons cannot imagine the scenario beforehand and the python was too hungry and swallowed the pig alive. No wonders why the python died on the spot because that voluminous pig burst opens its internal organ because of its size. 





6. Swallowing A Deer




One of the longest pythons in the world of about 16 feet long swallowed a young deer. The python died within a few hours as it was too hard to digest. 





7. Swallowing A Sheep




Who one Earth can think of swallowing an entire sheep unless the creature is too dumb. Python did it and after doing so, it reached a stage that it could not move for its spot due to the weight of the sheep. The animal officials came to rescue the python.





8. Swallowing A Cat




A pet owner was surprised when two of his cat pets suddenly vanished and nowhere to be found. Later, it was discovered that a python that lived in the nearby forest had eaten both of them together and then died. The python decomposed in a few days and the pet owner cut open the decomposed python to find his dead cats.



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