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7 Ways To Boost Your Brain To The Next Level And Sixth Sense!

The brain is considered to be the most valuable part of the human body. A person whose brain functions at an optimal level, he is sure to excel in every field of life starting from education to the working field. There are various tonics and ingredients that parents make their children have in their childhood so that their brain functioning gets a boost and they excel at others. It has also been observed that the functioning of the brain slows down after a certain age and a boost becomes a necessity. Here are the ways you can do just that naturally.

Activation –

There are certain natural stimuli that boost the brain activities. For example, if you hear the sound of waves, sit near a beach and observe the blue color of water, take a walk in a green garden, feel the salty breeze and warm sand, it can do wonders to your brain. Therefore, make a vacation to the beach as soon and often as you can.

Drawing –

When your brain freezes to take a decision on a complex matter, you should draw a visual representation of the problem. While drawing, both the hemisphere of the brain gets activated and hence, the problem can be solved quicker. Anything that you cannot memorize, draw a visual sketch and you will remember everything just fine.

Meditation –

You will observe that a blind person that a better sixth sense than a normal person. Based on the same principle, if you do meditation daily, your sense organs will be more active than usual. With constant practice, the different centers of the brain get activated that generally stay inactivated and hence, the functioning of the brain can increase in multiple folds.

Swinging –

You should get a swinger like the one every children park has. It has been found that swinging daily during the childhood can boost the brain functioning and helps in better information processing and better speech delivery.

Sports For Brain –

The ultimate food for the brain is intellectual activities. Playing chess is the best activity you can do to boost your brain. You can solve tasks easily, take decisions with reasons, avoid various brain disorders.

Food For Brain –

You should eat fatty fish, nuts, caviar, fresh vegetables, and fruits to provide your brain with all the nutrients it needs for proper functioning and staying healthy. Trying out a ketogenic diet is a good idea but you should consult a dietician before that.

Miscellaneous Activities –

Playing musical instruments increase motor skills, positive thinking and smiling make the bain function better, do mathematical activities to keep your brain functioning constant, interact with new people and read intellectual novels and go for therapies to revive your brain after stress.


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