7 Things that we see Today will Disappear from our lives Forever in Future !


With technology taking over our lives, some changes are bound to happen sooner or later. To most, these technological shifts make more sense, and to others, it is just an elaborate scheme to make money. Nevertheless, a few years down the line, we will remember these disappeared things with all the nostalgia in the world. So get to using them while you still can.




1. Keys


Keys, at least in the conventional sense of brass-cut pieces, will be gone forever. There are already keyless entries into cars, at offices we use chip-based cards to get in and out and now with several apps allowing us to enter our homes without a key will surely see the end of this clanking bunch. You will be able to enter your house just by using a smartphone. If your battery drains out, no worries, your fingerprint, and face-recognition technology will allow you to borrow someone else's phone!




2. The Clutch pedal



The beloved "clutch" will be a thing of the past with the automatic transmission system taking over the industry at an alarming rate! The bigwigs in the automobile industry, BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Volkswagen, etc. shifting to paddle/computer & fully automatic transmission system the others are sure to follow suit. The are a couple of reasons behind this decline in the usage of manual transmissions: acceleration is better with precise electronic shifts, and the fuel efficiency has never been better!




3. Students' Textbooks 



Kindle & other eBook readers have risen significantly over the past 4-5 years, thanks to easy access and affordable prices. It is predicted that by the year 2025, universities will do away with traditional textbooks paving the way for eBooks to serve as he alternative. In a way this reduces the burden on students to "buy books" and some of them, physically. But what of the health hazards attached with the usage of these e-readers?




4. The Mailbox



Gone are the days, when we anxiously awaited for that mail from our friends and family! Enter email, and everything changed. Since that day the number of letters received at the post office have been dwindling and has found a new low with just about 20% of the world's  population writing letters. Maybe it is for the better, Go-Green!




5. Fast-food employees



Fast-food giant Panera (PNRA) is one among the multitude of companies that have resorted to using kiosks to dispense food items. And even behind the kitchen counter, industry giant Middleby Corp. (MIDD) and many other startups have been using machines to do tasks like loading and unloading dishwashers, flipping burgers, and cooking french fries. Although humans are still needed take care of the cleaning and maintenance of these machines, they will be far less in number than today. 




6. The Cheque



The advent of payments banks, mobile & internet banking, online payments and transfer has resulted in the fall of cheque usage at banks! The classical method of underwriting a Cheque in someone's name in style will be a thing of the past with an increasing number of people form all walks of life using online payment methods for quick and hassle free banking. Britain is already working on killing off cheque by the year 2018. Go-Green again!




7. Your privacy



The word on the streets (and in homes, to be frank) is that the government is already tracking our every move. With the boom in tracking technology and sensor devices hiding in plain sight, I guess it will be hard even to take a dump in peace without the watchful eye of Mordor, umm, the government cheeky

The sensors that already at work are gyro, light, accelerometer, facial recognition software among others. Retailers track our shopping trends and in the future, in combination with facial-recog will be able to customise ads according to different faces. Tracking sensors will be added to kitchen appliances & wifi signals would be used to track our movement from one place to another. All of this we can expect to be implemented in the nation of the 52 states and the rest of the world might not take up things as seriously.

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